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Friday, June 28, 2013

Strijp S Eindhoven..

Strijp.S waar je zowel vernieuwing als het conserveren van de eigen stad terug kunt zien.

Strijp speelt goed in op de verschillende behoeftes van dit moment, zoals duurzaamheid maar ook op het gebied van werken en wonen. Inwoners kunnen gebruik maken van flexibele werkplekken zoals Seats2Meet waar je niet alleen naar toe kunt om te werken maar ook om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten en kennis met elkaar te delen.

Als Lifestyle Professional kunnen we zien dat dit gebied veel toekomst potentieel heeft dit omdat we hier creativiteit, innovatie, duurzaamheid en recreatie terug kunnen vinden die voor een goede Quality of Life kan zorgen.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nap like an Ostrich!

What is it?
The Ostrich is a comfortable pillow which can be used to take a nap anytime anywhere you like. It’s specially designed to create a little private nap space while you’re working or on the go.

Why is it cool?
We know Urban Nomads love buying multi funtional products that can be used on the go, but like all humans we all love being comfortable.
This is a product a Urban Nomad would love to buy, a device to disconnect and dream for a short period of time!.
These Urban Nomads are working alot of hours and most of them behind their laptops, so this is ideal for you to use if your in need of a power nap or when traveling long hours/distance.
Another advantage of napping is that it can increase your productivity with 34%!
It might look crazy and you are probably asking yourself how can you breath if you are placing it on your head, but they also thought about that. There’s a hole right where your mout hand nose should be! (Think about an Ostrich taking a nap!).

Why it has future potential:
For the modern Urban nomad is rest also very important thing but somethimes you’re so far away from home that taking a nap on a comfy bed is almost impossible unless renting a room for a couple of hours.  By buying yourself a Ostrich pillow you can take a nap almost anywhere. As much as we love taking naps and would love to buy this pillow the disatvantage is that it looks really crazy and not so fashionable so we’ll have to wait untill a newer model gets out and see ho wit looks like!

cocooning Around

What is it?
It’s a multi use cocoon. A furniture you can actually live in.

Why is it cool?
Most of us al ready know what a cocoon is, but what makes this one special?
The cocoon 1’s are actually made for being a special place of retreat.
It’s translucency enables us to let our thoughts wander and stimulates allowing us to join life with the outside. It’s definitely and item a urban nomad would probably buy because of it’s multi functions. The Urban Nomad can work here but also play, these cocoons are build in with batteries which can which can be used to allow the stove to operate but also as power for the Wi-Fi which is really important for the modern Nomad.(You can get a cocoon with a power pack of 20,40 hours of light or 30minutes of cooking) This cocoon can be transformed into a working station, a kitchen, a bedroom or even a relaxing room but something else what makes it cool is that it can be used indoors and outdoors and can be hung in the ceiling or trees or even function on water. If you need a little more privacy you can also buy additional accessories for example a sturdy nylon net that you can wear your cocoon, this enables the user to relax in total solitude.

Why it has future potentials:
We’ve seen for the last couple of years that we’re not having so much space anymore to build, live, leisure.
These cocoons do not only look great but are mobile, which let’s you decide where you want to work, play, cook or sleep. This makes it fun for the Urban Nomad to work indoors or outdoors, the only disadvantage of a cocoon is that it’s a little bit more difficult to meet with allot of people cause there’s only space for two.

Let's not ship ourselves way

What it Is:
Sleeping around are 4 20feet shipping containers which has been transformed into a hotel room. They don’t only 4 bedrooms but also a breakfast/Lounge container as well as a sauna container.
Why it is Cool:
These mobile hotel containers were spotted for the last time in the city of Antwerp. That’s why it’s important to keep checking their website so you know where they’ll be next.
Even knowing that these Urban Nomads are always on the go and working around is this a very exiting place to spend the night if your in the city for work or pleasure. The concept is very creative and is focused on people who are on the move and don’t exactly have the urge to have lunch or dinner at the container restaurant but also fits perfectly for the ones who want to meet and work. The reason I think this is the perfect place to meet and work is because of their accessibility (location) , has free WIFI (what every Urban Nomad needs) but still has a place where you can go grab something to eat so it makes it really easy for you to meet up with someone and work at the same time.
We can clearly see that this type of hotel has been created for the urban nomads, who will just sleep, get up, work and get going.
Why it has Future Growth Potential:
It has future potential cause not only the mobile nomads are staying at these kind of hotels but also a lot of tourist are looking for a creative but also comfortable place to stay at the same time.
These people who pays a visit at these hotels are also the ones who are not planning to spend the entire day there, the are ready to explore the area, work around, play around and don't expect the ultimate luxury of where they're staying.

The Nomad Pet

The Nomad Pet.

What is it?
They are pet renting agencies who are renting pets for a hour, day or week.
Mostly known in big cities like Tokyo or New york.

Why is it cool?
A nomad pet is one of the coolest companions for the modern urban nomad. We know that these busy bees don’t spend so much time at home and are always on the go but still love to be out working, dining/wining and enjoying them selves while working at the same time which makes it really difficult or even impossible to have a pet to take care of. That’s why this might be a great way to spend a little time with these friendly ones, we are also talking here about meet and play at the same time these urban nomads are may not only be able to socialize with pets but can also meet up with friends or co-workers at the same time for a stroll.. Working so much can sometimes cause a little stress by renting a pet during break time can help you relax and spend some time with a little buddy and have the opportunity to know and feel ho wit is to have a pet.
The good news is that these animals are protected by allot of laws to insure you that their are not being stressed and also gives you the guarantee of their wellbeing and cleanliness.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:
This might sound scary but now a days we're working more, spending less time at home, having smaller families, less children or even no children. But as humans we still need something what we can enjoy, somewhere we can go to distress or someone, something to talk to or spend time with. By renting these pets you might not really create that special bond but still have a stroll at the park that can help you relax.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'll be Scratching my board...

What is it?
Scratch is a sustainable company created by teens for teens, they create skateboards for teams and these are made of sustainable materials.
one of the main reasons they started this company is because adults think most of the time that teenagers can be bums, lazy or just not motivated enough with this project they can prove them wrong and let them know that they can also be creative and successful.

Why is it cool? and does this has future potential?
Well I'll start with one of the reasons why this might have future potential. with this project they can show adult but especially young teenagers that everything is possible just if you start working hard enough for it. but also because there's the possibility to learn how to run a business and how to use sustainable materials.
The reason why it's cool is of course cause it's made by teens for teens, they already know that using sustainable materials is one of the smartest decisions if you want to start a business that thinks about the planet we are living in. but also because your creating a skateboard which also motivates teenagers to do sports.


buy me some sustainable sneakers!

Were living in a world were everywhere we go we hear about the economical crisis, but we still love to shop and everything is getting more expensive. but do think sometimes about where these products are coming from or how much the actual cost is?
so that's when I found this company called !SYOU.

What is it?
!SYOU is a company who creates sneakers, these sneakers are produced in collaboration with DAC-Listed nations. these shoes are made by local manufacturers and designed by creative people all around the world.
(The DAC List of ODA Recipients shows allcountriesandterritorieseligibletoreceive official)
What makes it cool? and why does it have future potential?
We may think it's cool because there not only working with local manufacturers and aare paying a fair price to every piece but they also help in a positive economical way in local communities through a two-way trade. by this their not only contribute on a positive image of a country but they also hope for consumers to want more products made of sustainable materials. and of course it's a new approach for sneaker designs.
I believe this has future potential because your not only helping other countries on their economy but also wearing a shoe that has been produced in a healthy environment not made by children but also of materials that probably can be recycled. We also see more brands that are creating biodegradable shoes for example the brand OAT'S. Instead of disposing these shoes you can bury them and by doing this plants will start growing. of course it sounds crazy but it's because of the cork seed-embedded sole.