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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What the Hell is Coolhunting?

You are probably asking yourself what the hell is coolhunting?

The term coolhunting was created in the early 1990's (That means I'am a cool hunt LOL)it's a new breed of marketing, where the most important thing you are doing is observing, trying to find things that inspire you, things that can change the world, or just try to predict if there is anything that might change new or existing cultural trends.So today we had the chance to walk around in the city of Tilburg and try to spot coolhunts most of us are noobies so it was really interesting an exiting to snap the right pictures and wondering if what we were looking at is a coolhunt.

So something that caught my eye were these 3 men, they all had the biker look.
That look that you might think this man looks creepy but when I asked them if I was allowed to take a picture of them they all were so friendly that means that looks can be deceiving.

And now you are maybe wondering why the hell do I think this is cool?
One of the reasons is: This look has been seen over and over again no matter how many years pass by.
That means it's a classic :D
This has been also so inspiring for many designers over the years, and we still find this look on the catwalks and even celebrities.
But still you will be asking, what does this has to do with cool hunting?
Well if you did read above you know now that cool hunting also has to do with predicting change of new or existing cultural trends.
I predict seeing this trend for many more years to come.
Hope you enjoyed reading my post :D

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