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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Noobie :)

So yes!! I'am finally starting my blog :o)
For me its a big step because I always follow other people's blog and always aks myself when am I starting to write myself.
I always keep asking myself everytime i want to start blogging, what will people think? Will they like my blog or not? What are they going to think about me? Etc etc...
So today I decided that if donn't start writing now i never will!
I will try to post everyday atleast something that i want to tell or pictures from stuff i like or things ive seen and think there cool :).

I think i should start writing now a little bit more about myself ;)
My name is PuiFong Edith Wong, I'am 21 years old and living now in the netherlands eindhoven, i was born on the island of curacao! Its such an amazing place with wonderfull people :)
My mom is Colombian and my dad Chinese so means I'am a weird exotic mix that you won't find everywhere :o)
I have a wonderful boyfriend called Ian who I love verry much! And a great french bulldog called Billie! He's not the prettiest dog uve ever seen but sure he's the sweetest thing ever :)!!

Well there are a couple of things I'am intrested in i think its almost just like any other girl, fashion, good food, traveling, movies and all about having a good time :)

For now i cannot think what else to tell you guys but ill try to keep my blog updated as much as possible :)

Hope you enjoy it.

PuiFong <3

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