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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

transparency in cosmetics

What is it?
Proefdiervrij is an organisation that works on having a future without having to test on animals for not only cosmetically reasons but also medicinal. They try to save animals from being used as testers for nanotechnology projects.

Why is this cool?
We cannot describe this exactly for being cool but it really fits the trend transparency. Now a days were more connected, have more information of whats going on around us buts also want to know exactly how products are being made and what the steps are during production.
By wanting all this information we realise that some products don't fit  our morals and want to do something about it. By wanting this information we are forcing companies to share a little bit more information of how they create products but also how they test them.
Thanks to proefdiervrij and many other organisations we now have animal tested free products in Europe, and this all thanks to comunities and people longing for transparency.
The reason this might have future grow potential is because we as humans are getting more interested in whats going on around us, and this is just one example of what people longing for transparency can make a change in the daily products we use.

Freshnes in a package

What is it?
It’s a electronic food packaging system that checks the freshnes of consuming products.
And is being researched and developed by different universities.

Why is it cool?
For the last couple of years we only want to know more about our food, not only of which ingredients it’s made of but also if these products are fair trade or organic. Another question we also have is why are we waiting so much food? And Why do we always throw food away if the packages says it’s already expired?
To prevent this type of food waiste they created a new plastic technology that can be used to check the freshnes of your goods.

Why does it have future potential?
The good part is that this chip cost less the none euro cent but together we can also reduce food waste by using these types of new technology.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Food guerrilla! Let's fight for the good food

What is it?
It's an organisation that fights for global healthy and sustainable foods.

Why is it cool?
Well I'am going to tell you why one the activities they do can be seen as cool.
Every other month they organise the Damn Food Waste, what they do is create a meal/dinner of foods that were supposed to be thrown away but were still good.
People can come together and still enjoy a nice meal prepared of the vegetables and other foods.
The reason why this is cool and has future potential is because we never think of the food that are being thrown away or never ask our selfs why all the vegetables in the supermarket look the same.
By doing this type of events we get to see more of whats going on in our daily supermarkets and think more conscious of the food we waste.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

do we eat water?

What is it?
How much water do you eat is a pop-up event that examines the relationship between water and food.

Why is it cool?
I believe this is cool because what we eat not only has an impact on the environment but directly involves water consumption.
In this project they use menus and infographics to show us a variety of global dishes that take the most water to cultivate and prepare.
The reason this project may have future potential is because it will develop awareness of consumers choices on a more global level and like this we will think twice before having just a sandwich at the bakery around the corner.

it's a happy sushi fishy life

What is it?
These are the tiny soy sauce bottles in the shape of a fish you get when ordering sushi.

Why is it cool?
The reason why this is cool is because of the material these ones are made of.
Normally you will get this small bottles made of non biodegradable plastic based on petroleum.
Plastic waste is one of the main things that pollutes the surface of our oceans, fishes easil  eat of this plastic cause they get it confussed with plankton.
The difference with these small bottles is that they are made of biodegradable materials that will disolve when it comes into contact with water.
The reason why this deffinitly has future potential is because if every plastic bottle on this planet was made of these type of materials we would have less waste and pollution on our oceans and still have plenty of fish in the sea living a healthy life. This project is still in process and it’s being developed by Artur van Balen.