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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2 days of creativity

Hey there! :D
Last Monday was the start of two long intense days, me and my classmates stayed at a farm for two days. All we did was being creative or pushing our creativity to its limits.
We learned some new techniques on how to use our creativity but also how to develop a concept. We went for a walk in the woods, that was actually really refreshing :D taking in some fresh air and just walking/talking/dancing and having fun.
It was really intense! we had lunch then we kept on going...
to end the night we had dinner and after that we started our own party! played games and went marshmallow roasting on my mini bbq :D
Everyone was really tired so we actually went to bed at already 12'o clock.
Sleeping didn't go well that was obvious! I guess no one sleeps well in an not so comfy cold bed!
On the next morning we started the day with a walk, after that we started again working on our creativity.
Everyone was tired, and the teacher was irritating for the most of us. but that didn't mean we didn't work hard!
After a couple more hours..it was finally time to go home! I couldn't be happier!
I was so tired but learned allot too..and of course being with the girls is always fun.
Take a look at the pictures.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on a mission!

Hey guys,
December is almost around the corner and that makes me very happy!
It means that I'll be home for christmas :) and with home I mean Curacao!

As much as I love going home for the holidays, it also means going to the beach ALLOT!
and who want's to go to the beach with a chubby body? I guess no one! but most of the time we just go to the gym when the summer is heading and then we forget that some people need their beach body at the end of the year too! not to mention that going home also means allot of parties, food food and once more food!
some of you that follow me on instagram (pfewong) might know that I used to go to the gym allot...around 4 to 5 times a week, but sinds last summer I didn't really go anymore and now I'am not even going.
I know it shouldn't be an excuse but school's got me going crazy, waking up in the morning, ctaching the train and then again to go home you just get home so exhausted that you just don't feel like working out.
So I decided to order myself a egg's white diet shake it's supposed to last for a month, well I guess by this weekend my diet will start :) I'll try to eat healthier and eat at home most of the time cause you might know as well that I love dining out!
I've heard some people telling me..you what? diet? you don't need it.. I think this is more psychological... everyone wants to look skinny at the beach..or is it just me? LOL
anyways this is the product I got..

well ofcourse I'll try as well to work out.. but we'll see :D
have you ever tried one of these diets?
let me know!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Until Now

Hey Guyz,
As if I wrote a couple months ago, Swedish house mafia is having their last tour this yea before they split ways for their solo careers.
2 days ago was the release of their last album, Until Now :) which I'am downloading now :)
I don't know if I can call myself a fan but I do like their music! :)
So the 23th of november I'am flying to Stockholm for the concert! yay exited!
I didn't know their were going to have concerts too in the Netherlands so that's why I'am going to Sweden... but I'am looking at the bright side too I will be visiting family as well so it won't be bad and of course I ill be able to say when I get back that I really saw them on concert and not on youtube concerts LOL.
Anyways, Did you download the album yet? i so..what do u think?

Online Shopping?

Hi there :)

Well most of us know by now that online shopping is getting more popular during the years.
People have less time to go to the city or are getting lazier, or just want to do something else during a day off instead of going to the city to shop for clothes.
Sometimes we shop on online stores like h&m, Zara, ebay and for the people in holland Marktplaats.
But what about the sizes?
Sometimes I place bids on clothes because there new and they have a lower price then in the store but when going to the store to try on the piece you realise that you bid on the wrong size!
I had this awkward moment when someone putted a piece in hold for me, and then I had to mail her to tell her that the size i putted my bet on was the wrong size... she got mad of course but somehow it's not my fault, it was actually smart to try on a piece of the same brand to see which size you really are.
So to avoid this kinda situations I decided to save this size chart on my laptop so that their will be no confusions the next time :D


Oh ChoKolatte!

The day's are getting colder, the beverages are getting hotter :D
I'am already in the mood for some hot chocolate :)

Tiffany & CO hot Chocolate!

pictures by Pinterest

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Give me a hearth attack burger!

Oh yeah after reading this, I'am not sure if you still feel like having a burger anytime soon!

I was studying today ''subject health'', when I came across the name of this grill in Las Vegas.
Heart attack grill!
The name saids it all!
The burgers this place is selling are beyond normal! and a big f** you to people who want to live and eat healthy.
So why is this place so bizarre? just check the names of the burgers...
Single bypass burger, double, triple and quadruple bypass burger! the Quadruple bypass consist of 9982 calories! That's way beyond what a human being needs for a day!
That's not the only crazy thing there! When dinning there you will be served by the staff that were nurse costumes. want to have a drink? yes of course , but don't even think about ordering a diet coke cause they just DON'T have!
need a smoke? Oh yeah sure, just order a package of cigarets. 
Anywayz, I don't really believe this a healthy place to have dinner but sure a experience!
I wonder how fat the owner is..lol

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's your fav. Cereal?

Just like the title saids, what's your favourite cereal?
Well for me, there's nothing better than Lucky Charms!
Deliciously colourful and crunchy with some cold milk yum.. perfect breakfast + lunch LOL.
I remember when I was little, I used to save the best for last..and by best you know what I mean! Marshmallowwsss!! :D :D
I sometimes squeezed all the marshmallows together and make one big mallow ball xD
crazy old times!
But living in the netherlands ain't making it easy for me to get my hands on this delicious cereal! u can get it if your lucky at the chinese supermarkets or american food stores, and of course the price will be 5 times higher then when you buy it in the states.
I remember buying a package last time for $1,25 in Jersey and couple of months later i bought one in eindhoven for 5 euro's! crazy shit!
but whatevs, If I could eat something everyday I guess it would be lucky charms :D
Oh not to mention that if I see a box of corn pops there's no way I'am taking that one too xD

it's a warm feeling!

Hey guys, it's getting colder and colder and just to give you a warm feeling I decided to post some cable knit's :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lana del Rey for H&M

Hi Fashion Dolls :o)

Well of course I won't have to tell you that h&m has a campaign going on with Lana del Rey, this week they came with the second.. hmm how should I call it..
round 2 of their campaign?
Anywayz! this time I reallyyy loved some of the pieces she's wearing! :D
the edginess, the oversized sweaters with leather pant..yea love it!
one of the pieces that caught my eye's the most was the sweater with little zippers on the side on leather leggings it was so pretty that I decided to order it yay :P
the second item that I also thought hmm sure why not was a little faux fur vest... I have never had something with faux fur yet cause in my mind it just doesn't fit my personality or imagine how it looks and make me just shake my head and say.. nahhh... lol
but I decided to give it a try aswel and see what happened if it does fit!
and of course if you don't like it you have the 14days return policy that come handy sometimes.
So I'll have to wait 4 day's before it gets here and I'am exited! and yes not to mention that using the h&m codes is always a pleasure lol who doesn't love extra discount!
so instead of paying 35euro's I'll only have to pay 22euro's for 2 items!

love it or hate it?
Lemme know!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Hey guyz!
I know it might sound crazy but yes!
The cold season has started and even though we're just in the middle of october, christmas is almost around the corner!
So today I worked for a couple of hours at the bijenkorf (If you live in the netherlands you know what this is and if not it's like the Dutch Macy's).
And my task today was helping with all this years christmas decorations :D
It made me so happy! just looking at all these beautiful colors, all the cute little stars, birds etc etc just wonderful.
What I'am trying to say is that I'am getting more and more exited for december to come :D of course cause I'am going home as well :D


btw, this is last years picture. I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the store.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Dear Wellies!

Summer is over, and the rain season has just begun!
Standing every morning in front of the mirror wondering if you can wear these or those shoes with the weather outside... well guess what! Those day's are over!!
But where do these shoes come from?
The Duke of Wellington was the one who started this magnificent trend! (Of course created by his very own shoe maker).
But over the years we've seen allot of different types of wellies around, but what makes the Hunter ones so different? Well I guess it's the comfort, easy on and off putting,the cute accessories you can buy to upgrade your look and not to forget that they have a large range of different colours and patterns.
We saw them this year on allot of celebs during festivals, like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Anne hathaway, Drew Barrymore and not to forget Lady D!
They're easy to clean, you can wear them all seasons, they look great and not to forget it's a great investment!

-Proud Owner of a pair of Hunters-

Thursday, October 11, 2012

pop-up in front of my doorstep!

Hey there!
Well as you might know I'am giving guided tours at 'Designhuis Eindhoven' and had yesterday my first tour.
Something that caught my eye was this ''mini pop-up store'' in the cafeteria, i was small nothing too complicated but also build in a way that the next day everything could be gone.

So I saw this old but still new upcoming trend in a magazine and with my own eyes and decided that it's time to write about it.
the Pop-up store!

What is it?
A pop up store is most of the time a small store that opens up for a very short term, it can be used one day for selling clothes and the next day it can turn into a mini bakery.

Why is it cool?
As much as we love shopping, we easily get bored of always the same stores, not only is this concept amazing but also helps with the economy. Especially for entrepreneurs that just want to try out their new stores to see if people are interested in their products.
Besides being amazing, peculiar and also refreshing all these new little stores popping up like little flowers!

Check out these pictures

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bla bla

Well lately I've been so busy with school that I don't even have time to really blog like I used to.
even tho bloggin is supposed to be homework.
It's sometimes so hard to just sit down and look up for inspiration and just write about it, so what I'am trying to tell you is how horrible I feel for not giving bloggin a 100%.
but whatevs :P
So if you saw my blog over the past weeks you could see that I've been doing allot of coolhunting, and that inspired me to start color hunting as well ! so I wanted to share some of the color huntings I found on the internet :)