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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'll be Scratching my board...

What is it?
Scratch is a sustainable company created by teens for teens, they create skateboards for teams and these are made of sustainable materials.
one of the main reasons they started this company is because adults think most of the time that teenagers can be bums, lazy or just not motivated enough with this project they can prove them wrong and let them know that they can also be creative and successful.

Why is it cool? and does this has future potential?
Well I'll start with one of the reasons why this might have future potential. with this project they can show adult but especially young teenagers that everything is possible just if you start working hard enough for it. but also because there's the possibility to learn how to run a business and how to use sustainable materials.
The reason why it's cool is of course cause it's made by teens for teens, they already know that using sustainable materials is one of the smartest decisions if you want to start a business that thinks about the planet we are living in. but also because your creating a skateboard which also motivates teenagers to do sports.


buy me some sustainable sneakers!

Were living in a world were everywhere we go we hear about the economical crisis, but we still love to shop and everything is getting more expensive. but do think sometimes about where these products are coming from or how much the actual cost is?
so that's when I found this company called !SYOU.

What is it?
!SYOU is a company who creates sneakers, these sneakers are produced in collaboration with DAC-Listed nations. these shoes are made by local manufacturers and designed by creative people all around the world.
(The DAC List of ODA Recipients shows allcountriesandterritorieseligibletoreceive official)
What makes it cool? and why does it have future potential?
We may think it's cool because there not only working with local manufacturers and aare paying a fair price to every piece but they also help in a positive economical way in local communities through a two-way trade. by this their not only contribute on a positive image of a country but they also hope for consumers to want more products made of sustainable materials. and of course it's a new approach for sneaker designs.
I believe this has future potential because your not only helping other countries on their economy but also wearing a shoe that has been produced in a healthy environment not made by children but also of materials that probably can be recycled. We also see more brands that are creating biodegradable shoes for example the brand OAT'S. Instead of disposing these shoes you can bury them and by doing this plants will start growing. of course it sounds crazy but it's because of the cork seed-embedded sole.



While browsing online I came across this Dutch social enterprise called ONEforONE.

What is it?
ONEforONE is a sustainable company from the Netherlands. They sell water bottles, health insurances and green energy on a ONEforONE basis, by that they mean when you buy one you'll be also giving one. for example when buying a health insurance your not only buying a insurance for yourself but your also buying one to an orphan in need in Tanzania.
ONEforONE tries to combine our social impact with economic and environmental sustainability.
by using materials that can be recycled or reused for their water bottles, by selling these bottles the make a small profit which they use to help building water pomps in Malawi but also helps to cover the salaries and rent.

Why is it cool and why does this have future potential?
ONEforONE is a company that not only thinks on how to make profit now, but also helps to create a better world for our future children. people planet profit. that's of course of of the main reasons we can consider this a cool company. Many other companies think most of the time just how they can make profit and benefit their own wallets, for ONEforONE this is not the case, they are not only helping people to have drink water, but their also helping someone to get better medical help and also ways to create green energy so that we don't need to polute our planet by doing this different ways.
One of the reasons why this company has future potential is because their not only thinking for now, but also how they can save the planet for our future people. For the last couple of years we see more and more companies that are thinking about sustainability in allot of different ways and thats one of the reasons these companies have more chance to succeed.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ReCAB (verbeterd met voorbeelden)

What is it?
It's an 30 years old Mercedes that has been transformed into a enviroment friendly cab that drives by using recycled veggie oil.

Why is it cool?
 The ReCAB is a cool project because your not using just a new car to drive you around, you are using a recycled cab that helps reducing CO2 production.
besides being a sustainable project it's also environment friendly because of it's eco friendly use of Bio diesel.
Not only bio diesel is a new upcoming combustion system but we can also see that we can also find algae bio diesel(to create power) that is being used by farmers which are harvesting wild sea food right at there farms by using algae.
We can also spot the reuse of Cars at this new company called Lola (Spain), Where they reuse old cars and creates new bicycles. These two companies are not the same but definitely are concerned about how we are living our lives now a days and how they can make a change by creating new sustainable products.


Sunday, May 5, 2013


What is it?
An earthship is an sustainable green building that's made of recycled materials.

Why is it cool?
One of the reasons these buildings are cool are not just because of what materials they are made of but also cause the meet the standard building codes.
These houses/buildings has the function to create it's own electricity, grows food inside and out, water comes from rain and snow but it also cools and heats by using the sun and earth.
The reason why this has future potential is because we are more concern about the planet we live in but also think more often on how we can create a more sustainable planet.
Using recycled materials is not something new, lately we've been noticing that it's making a comeback on allot of blogs for example DIY projects where using recycled materials the main activity is.

source: earthship.com