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Sunday, January 27, 2013

And still looking good....

What is it?
Its a picture I found in the latest Dutch Elle magazine where you can see an old lady posing for a picture.

Why is it cool?
I believe this is cool cause now a days we only see young fresh and fabulous models wearing a lot of make up looking perfect. But on this picture we see an aged lady in a young woman magazine.
It's not common anymore to see older ladies in magazines and even stranger that it's on a fashion magazine.
The reason this has future potential is because now they can show the world that you don't only need young looking models to show fashion but can also be inspired by all ages. 

Dolle Minna's Equal rights for woman since 1970!

While reading this months Dutch Elle, I came across this article called ''Alle dagen feest'' which means Party every day.
I saw something very interesting that relates to the trend [Femininity]. Feminist.

What is it?
It's a article in the january 2013 Dutch Elle.

Why is it cool?
It's cool to see that since 1970 the dutch feminist group Dolle Minna's tried to change and improve woman's rights we see more often in magazines articles about how now a days ladies can also live a wild life with lotsa alcohol, drugs,sex and of course our very own salary to spend the way we want.
The reason why it has future growth potential is because now that woman are more emancipated they can spend and do whatever they want and this way help they're country a bit by working on the economy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home is where the heart is

As much as I like being in the Netherlands there's nothing better than being at mi dushi Korsow!
December is THE most exiting month on the island.....family, firework shows, lots of Christmas dinners, party's, pagara's more food and not to forget every first sunday of january Fuikdag!
while being there the first week for a not so festive occasion me and my boyfriend..which I may call now my fiancé decided to still enjoy the last week and have some fun..
we saw a slightly change on the island for example new stores and restaurant and a more touristic feeling.

I love mc Cafe so i just dropped by for the one and only original new york cheesecake! and a oreo frap! yumm..
normally if I order cheesecake I would get the tiniest piece of cake! the size a 4 year old would eat lol!
but at the mac.. I got such a huge slice that 3 ppl could eat out of it! insane! not to mention their oreo frapp yum yum yum.. I'am missing it already!

Walking on the ''old swinging lady''!

Beautiful Curacao at night!

Yummie sushi at Chopstix! Had the caribbean roll (I guess) for the first time and it was Amazing!! friend banana on a sushi who would think of that?!

And ofcourse after spending quality time with my love at sun escape curacao and got engaged we had to share the news with close family and have a toast!

right here with my love <3

Flamingo time! 

Dinner at boogies punda!

Firework show...

people ready for pagara...

Amnesia's NYE party..

hugemongous onion rings at tony romas.

Snacking at Rose garden..

Partying at fuikdag!


Mac Breakfast!

Yum Yum! hashbrowns!

The purse that makes your smart phones battery last forever...

The Ever purse

What is it?
This is the Ever purse! it's a clutch that charges your smart phone automatically when putting your phone in the pocket.

Why is it cool?
Sinds the first time I saw it on kickstarter I knew this would be big someday..
While there are more ladies that are working longer hours and after that still having to meet up with friends with no time to charge their phones... this would be the ideal solution for still being available while being on the go.
This is cool and has future growth potential is because it comes in different colours, the price is not ridiculously high (starting at $186)
and still you will be able to charge your phone whenever it's needed without carrying a tons of chargers!
This is the ideal product for the new modern power and busy woman! 

Gender bending time!!

What is it?
This is Alexander Wang's '13 spring campaign using Casey Leger as their androgyn model.

Why is it cool?
Now that you know the meaning of androgyny, you know that their or mentally between man and woman or totally genderless but as we see on Alexander Wang's ad campaign we see model Casey Leger who's actually a Ford's man model!
yes it's true she has a contract with Ford models to exclusively work as a male model.
The reason why I think it's cool is cause on the first picture you can actually see that she's a female but then again you see the combination of femininity and masculinity coming again.
by having the short hair cut and very visible cheek bones one might actually believe she's a HE but after noticing that she actually have breast.. then it's a totally different thought.
Here again we see the bending of masculinity and femininity in fashion.
One of the reasons this trend has future potential is because it's becoming normal to be genderless people are appreciating this trend and becomes more acceptable to be mentally between a man and woman.

Androgyny..What's that??

Before I start posting things about androgyny... I will tell you a little bit more of what it actually means.

The term comes from the greek words:
adr -> Man and gyne-> meaning woman.
When combining these two words we can use it as Androgyny, this refers to the combination of masculinity and femininity characteristic that we can lately find in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity of even sexual lifestyle.
An Androgyne person is one that does not specific fit in in the typicial female of male roleof their society. Most of them identify themselves as being mentally between a man and woman or as totally genderless.

Now that you know what this is...
It's time to post some cool stuff/fashion about these guys...


Power Ladies..Fist up high

What is it?
This is the new MAC cosmetics campaign.
as you can see Jelena Abbou ( Figure competitor ) the face of MAC's new strength campaign.
Why is it cool?
The reason why this is cool, is because for a long time when we think of makeup we think of really feminine ladies wearing all kind of girly clothes.

But do you remember this photo?
Somehow when I see MAC's new campaign all I can think of is this picture!
I believe that MAC is trying to tell us.
The reason why this has future growth potential is because by using these type of campaigns it not only speaks to the female consumers but might also attract other genders for example the metrosexuals that would love to use a BB cream.


Around the 60's we used to live in a society were man not only use to cut the meat on the table but was also the boss. Now a days this all came to an end... and were seeing that this role has changed.
For these couple of weeks I'll be posting a little bit more about the trend Masculinity and Femininity.

Back to reality...

Hey Guys...
First of all I know it's already the 23th of january but I still want to wish everyone a happy joyful new year!
As you've noticed I haven't been blogging for a while now..
I had to receive the sad news that my father passed away, still having exams at school and then going to curacao for the funeral etc and of course still try to enjoy while I was there.
So I took a long break but now I'am back!
As much as I have sad news, I also have good news... since last december I'am now engaged! so I will be sharing with you on my blog my journey to my tropical wedding! (Well that's what I hope anyway a tropical wedding LOL).

I'll keep you posted.

by: Teresa Barboza