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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Squats on the Toilet?

Hey There, I just saw this Video on a friends Facebook page, I had to share it!
So this is the reason why everyone should have a Squatty Potty Toilet stool! even the name sounds cute haha!

What is it?
It's a stool you can use with your toilet.

Why is it cool?
This Potty toilet stool is the new cool way to sit on your toilet.
There is some research going on that proves that when you sit with your legs on 35degree angle that it will improve your health.
It might look crazy or sound even weirder when you hear the whole story but it's not only cool, its also amazing how we have been using the toilet ''wrong''.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Missoni for Lindex!

Hello Fashionista's!
I guess the name Missoni might not sound unfamiliar at all.
And for all the fashion lovers on a low budget this might be great news, as far as we know h&m is one of the not many labels that collaborates with other big designers.
But if you have ever been in Sweden, you might also know that Lindex is also known in the country for having great product for great prices.
So today my cousin who live's there told me that Missoni is collaborating with Lindex and one of the reasons is because Lindex will give 10% of all sold items to the breast cancer foundation! How great is that, you are not only buying fashion but also helping someone else.
There were allot of gorgeous pieces in this collection and for super affordable prices!
I laid my eyes on some of the dresses and scarves but of course just like any other online store, means that it will be packed and you might need to have a little luck to get your hands on one of these incredible pieces.
And of course I have fabulous news! I will soon be the owner of this beautiful Missoni by Lindex dress! :D

two more months and I'll be in Sweden! <3 loving my soon to be dress already!

These are other items from the collection!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heeyyyy Sexyyy laddyyy!

OK OK, I knowww it's getting old! But still doesn't mean it ain't funny!
I still love it, so why not share it?

Are you a thirsty bird?

I was walking in the city of Eindhoven, when I decided to enter this cute store in the street of Smalle haven.
I'am a little bit embarrassed that I forgot the name, but I will be going again soon to get some of the cute stuff they had in store.
But this is what actually caught my eye.

What is it?
It's a portable water dispenser.
It's small, cute and looks very pretty.

Why is it cool?
You know when people always tell you that you should drink more water but then again you forget to do it?
Or when you read in magazines that you're supposed to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and you just drink a couple of glasses and still don't know how much water you had that day?
So I think this is the ideal way to know how much water you're drinking at home or work, it looks attractive and makes you wanna drink more.
By placing a little water bottle on this dispenser you will also know now how much water you had during the day.

Where are my friends?

By the title you are probably thinking that I'am really looking for my friends.
But what I'am going to write about tonight is apple's ''Find my friends'' app.

What is it?
Find my friends is an app that apple introduced in their IOS5.

Why is it cool?
This app is cool, because sometimes you really wonder things like, why is is taking so long for my friend to get here or for being a little bit sneaky and wondering where your boyfriend might be.
But now with the new IOS6 you can even put alerts for when your friend's device arrives at certain place.
So this is another way to connect people.

Pin what interest you!

hi :)
Well for my longtime followers, you probably already know about my pinterest post but for school as I told you already we will be coolhunting. (So this is homework)

What is it?
Pinterest is a digital pinning board that launched in 2010.

Why is it cool?
I believe that now a days, everyone is pretty much busy with their own lives and don't have the time anymore to use the old school pin-boards anymore where you just cut out pictures from magazines and pin it.
Nowadays everyone is connected to the social media and the great part is that you can sign in with your  facebook or twitter account.
So this is more than perfect to share all your favourite art, fashion, favourite interior designs,  videos, pretty much everything!
And ofcourse now you have your pin-board on the go! you can use it on your laptop, ipad/tablet and smartphone.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013!

Hey Fashion Lovers!
So next years Amsterdam Fashion Week will be 23 of January till the 27th.
And I always wanted to do something with what I like... Fashion! and it doesn't even matter what! .
So I applied for a position in whatever they have for me to do :P
and they actually mailed me back and asked for some information, pictures, clothing size etc and told me they will email me back soon with more information for this big event.
Yes, I'am really exited and who know's maybe I'll be posting next year about my AMFW13 experience!


Designhuis Eindhoven

Hi everyone!
I'm really exited to tell you that I'am officially going to be a guide at the Designhuis Eindhoven :D
I went this afternoon to meet Marloes van Bennekom a young lady that just finished her degree at the Design academy in Eindhoven and she's the one who can tell you everything about this place who works there etc..
she gave me a quick guide about the exhibition that's going on right now there called ; De etende mens, which means ''the eating man'' its about the way people think about food, where it comes from and the art that's in the food's design/appearance.

I had so much fun! and really impressive. There were allot of things that really made me realise that sometimes we don't think much about where our food comes from, the processes it goes into or why does or food looks the way it looks.
There were nice art pieces but also really educational. for example the question ; how many water do we eat? yes eat. By this we don't realise sometimes that everything we consume has water in it or has been processed by water or maybe the machines they use are being cooled by water etc.
That was one of the may things that made me think a little bit more of what we eat.
Another impressive thing were some carton plates on the wall, at first I said wow this looks pretty but after hearing the story behind it then I thought ow this is sad. lol
mrs.Julie Green who lives in the state of Oklahoma, the state with the most executions per capita.
became fascinated by the last meal request of condemned prisoners.
mrs.Green who opposes the death penalty hopes her work will start discussions and is planned to add every year 50 more plates to the collection until capital punishment is abolished. there are 500 plates right now.

And so there were many other food/fascinating objects/art/material that was really interesting to see.
But the one that I did like the most was this colourful piece of art.
called Honey & Bunny, it's about the western food culture that has changed. It's not about the food itself anymore but more about lifestyle and nourishment. each year they launch about 10.000 different products on the market (food related) and never ask ourselves why do we need this many products to choose of.
With this piece of art that actually looks delicious they will show you that sometimes we don't really choose what's health but what looks delicious or pretty on our plates.

I think I could keep on going and going with my story about this incredible place I'am going to be a part of.
so for the ones who live in the netherlands I recommend you to make a visit soon :D

here are some pictures.

by squeezing and smelling, it will remind you of food, then your allowed to write it down on the wall.

mine reminded me of Italian herbs.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fruity cat

Hey guyz,
Do you remember my last post "the cutest monkeys in town?"

What do you think about this fruity cat?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Feel like having a windows 7...... BURGER!

Japans Windows 7 Burger!
Crazy isn't?!

by: lookwork.


How amazing does this look?
Katikies hotel @ Santorini Greece
I would love to dive in! :P

Fabulous looks!

Balmain Fall/Winter 2012
Won't you love to wear these pieces this winter?
I do!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Volunteering at Designhuis Eindhoven

Well a couple of months ago I sended Designhuis Eindhoven an email in which I asked if they needed any volunteers on any of there projects.
It has been 3 months later, that I didn't hear anything back from them!
Premsela, the Dutch institute of design and fashion is the one who's working with designhuis which means house of design in dutch.
So I decided to give Premsela a call and asked what happened?
And they told me that they never got the email cause I send it to designhuis and not directly to them. (By then ofcourse I didn't know that).
Anyways enough with the bad news and let's go right away to the good one.
They told me to once again send them an email with my information :D just after a couple of minutes I recieved an email where they told me that I'am allowed to receive a guided tour next week where they'll tell me everything and the possibilities of becoming a volunteer at Designhuis.
I'am exited, stay tuned for pictures!


Guess who I'am going to interview! :D

Hey Doll's!
So for an upcoming school task (Lifestyle Factory) we will be interviewing 2 persons. These persons have to be a concept developer or trend watcher, we had to make a top 5 of people we would love to interview, so I started right away!
Most of you know that I'am really interested in fashion and everything that has to do with it, so I decided to interview a local fashion designer.
But choosing the right one was the main question. I was doing some research online and came across this website www.highfashionlowcountries.com and started reading immediately and found some great designers who are participating in this project.
Still the one who inspired me the most was miss. Natalie de Koning who makes these incredible pieces by using recycled materials or combine these ones with new ones.
So I send her an email to ask her if she's available for an interview and guess what!? She said YES!
Well I'am just going to show you some of her master pieces of the Graduation Collection S/S 2012 Αυθεντες.
So guys stay tunes cause you will be hearing more of her! :D

Daisy Merino Wool Chair

by: Ronel Jordaan

H&M Inspired by D&G fall/winter 2012 collection

h&m                                                                              Dolce and Gabbana

Project glass :D

Hey there Followers :D

A couple of month's ago a saw this video on youtube about this great new glasses created by google, and last week I saw it again at school during trend watching class.
The only thing is that I didn't know these were almost ready to hot the market.
Last week on New York fashion week, the great designer Diane von Furstenberg introduced these glasses during her spring/summer 2013 catwalk show!
and Also other celebrities were able to try them out, like fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker.
On the following video, you will see what I'am talking about.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela

Another awesome Collaboration with h&m this year!
Maison Martin Margiela!!
Martin Margiela is a Belgian Fashion designer known for working with Jean Paul Gaultier , Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garcons) and Hermes.
His Collection will be out just 11 days after AdR's Collection :D
Here's a sneak peak of one of the dresses that you'l get the chance to put your hands on!

Spring/summer 2013

Anna Dello Russo!

Hi Beauty's !
Many of you know who Anna Dello Russo is but for the ones who don't know this, Anna is known for being one of worlds most inspiring Fashionista's  (Street-style fashion bloggers love her) but also for being vogue and Italy's Fashion director and editor in chief.
Most of the time you can spot Anna with ready to wear designer clothing and always with a different pair of shoes.
For her shoes are the most important thing ''You can go walk around naked as long you're wearing the right shoes''
I personally love her style, she's such an inspiration! I'am a student do of course I don't have as much money as she does :P and If I did I would probably be walking around with these statement pieces!

But enough with that!
on oktober 4th! Anna will be launching her accessories line for h&m!
Here you will find shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewelry and luggage (Which I'am totally in love with and if the price is right I'll def. get it!)

Here are some of the pieces that will be available on the h&m online store and participating h&m stores.


I was walking last night in Eindhoven with my boyfriend when we entered a street that normally we never get into.
That was when I discovered this Vintage clothing store called Doortje. I decided to take a look and walk around but then I found out that that's not the only thing I discovered! surprisingly enough I found also this great restaurant that had this cozy feeling, great smells and allot of people having wine and dinner, if you don't live in the Netherlands you probably don't know this but there is this law that you're not allowed to smoke in bars/restaurants. So what did this great place create? A glass cabin in the restaurant with an exhaust hood, with a small table and art work in the middle where you can still have a smoke :) (btw this is great for the winter!)
But that's not the only great thing about this place! at this restaurant you only get fresh food! there's no menu card, they prepare the foods by what the chef bought for that day! also everything you see in the restaurant, like paintings and fabrics are for sale.
The way they serve Wine is also really unique, you can just tap your own wine by using this great glass locker with a tap. Each tap was connected to a different type of wine.
This entire area was not only filled with vintage stores and a restaurant but also where you are able to buy art or custom made furniture for you home.
The reason why I believe this deserves to be a coolhunt is because this place was really inspirational and different from all the other stores in the city everything was under one roof, dining, shopping, art and it's never the same. When I personally go to the city I walk around but soon enough I get tired of walking the same streets and looking at the same (brand) stores all the time.

here you can get more information about this cool place(s):

digital art work on the walls.

Fabrics that you can buy while having lunch/dinner.

Buying art for you home after dinner?

Happy Saturday!

Hey guys,
so another school is over and it's weekend :)
I don't really remember if I told you already that for the coming weeks the theme at school will be health, where we will be looking up for all types of trends around this theme.
Yesterday in class e had this fun 'task' we had to paint on a flap over  everything that comes in our minds when thinking about health.

so this is what the end result was.