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Friday, November 30, 2012

Binnenkort op me blog!

Hey There! :)
Today me and Madeleine had the pleasure to meet and interview Miss. Jasmine V.
known for her fabulous style and entertaining international lifestyle blog post'!
We had so much fun! and We're exited to post the interview soon! :)

cute cute cute #3

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Molami Headphones!

Hey there!
Well! sinds my iphone's headphone broke I've been using my boyfriends headphones! but I started looking at some options for cool fashionable looking headphones and I found these ones that I would love to have! that will be allot of saving..but anyways it's on my wish list and I'am going to share them with you.

These are the molami ''Twine'' headphones.
:D love it!

cute cute cute #2

Today's cute cute cute

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

cute cute cute #1

aren't these pictures cute?
I'll be trying to post cute stuff everyday :)

Cardboard office!

Aren't these cool?!
This office is completely made of cardboard!
Now you can have a office in office by using less expensive materials!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

your hot and your cold...

Well I was visiting a friend in Amsterdam when I noticed her water tap has coloured lights!
and of course i totally got interested to know what it was.

What is it?
It's a water filter that lightens up in two different colours.
Red for when the water is hot or blue for when it's cold.

Why is it cool?
This product is cool because by using this we are experiencing the product itself.
This makes that this product belongs to the E.E phase 2 ''Experience in the product''
When having this product at home it not only makes using the water tab fun, but also tells you if your using hot or cold water. for example i sometimes do the dishes with cold water and then use the hot one for a minute and forget that i just turned on the hot water.
but if you have this it will tell you exactly what temperature of water your using so you won't need to burn your hands anymore.
The reason why I believe this has growth potential is because having handy accessories like this in your kitchen might make doing the dishes a little bit more fun and colourful.

Easy A!

Alternate Reality

While sitting in the bus in the city of Breda, i saw this big A!
The one we see on google maps... so I started to wonder like why there would be an A like the one on google right there in Breda.
I didn't really focus so much to know the reason why, but I just know that it's located at the same spot where google indicated the ''centrum'' of this city.

What is it?
It's a big A, just like the one we see on google maps, just that this one took a mini vacation and came to visit us in the real world.

Why is it cool?
This big A is cool because it actually belongs in the google website but now we can see it and touch it for real.
This also belongs to the E.E phase 4, Alternate reality. This is when we create an alternate view of the real world by using reality as a digital playground.
I don't really see a growth potential in this particular piece, but we might be seeing more known signs from the digital world in reality to remember us that they exist or as a part of their marketing campaigns.

Physical Virtuality

What is it?
It's a 3D printed art work in MOOD gallerian Stockholm.

Why is it cool?
Not only people are looking for new refreshing pieces of art, they are also looking for new modern things with a twist of virtuality.
This art work is printed in 3D, where you can see different layers and brings the virtual view into the materials.
Thats the reason why this piece belongs to the Experience Economy phase four, physical virtuality.
This reason why this might have future growth potential is because even art work is getting more modern and virtualised. which might get people exited to buy art pieces like this for their own homes.

Speed dating with your Tapas.

Another cool hunt in the city of Stockholm.

After walking for a while I started feeling really hungry and wanted to have a quick lunch somewhere.
So we entered Mood stockholm to find something to eat.

What is it?
It's a tapas bar where you can have a quick lunch and keep on going with your shopping spree.

Why is it cool?
The reason why I think it's cool is cause most of the time when you want to have a quick lunch you think of places like mac donalds, burger king etc etc.
Places where you sit and in less then 30 minutes your out already and thats one of the reasons why the decoration and furniture might not be the prettiest one and that's also why the title is called fast and furious tapas.... You order, sit have some tasty tapas and leave in less then 30 minutes.
At this Tapas bar you take your place in the queue, place your order and then find a place to sit..just like in every food court in international shopping malls.
The difference between this one and others was the setting and decoration.
Everything was made of wood and the prices of everything was written on chalkboard.
This is the reason why this restaurant also belongs to the Experience Economy phase 3, authenticity.
This might have future growth potential cause people are looking for exclusive places to lunch and are getting bored of the same old food courts in shopping malls.

Experience Economy.

Hey There,
This school period I've been doing some coolhunting and found some pretty interesting stores/objects that belongs to the experience economy.
By experience economy I mean.. what people want/need and the way they experience everything.
Allot of company's have a part in this, they can create an experience, this creates a position in the market and by doing this they can compete with others.

''Orchestrate memorable events and memory itself becomes the product

I was in Sweden this weekend and went to the city.. we wanted to eat something typical swedish so we went to Hötorgshallen it's a swedish food market in stockholm centrum. It looked like and old school food market where you can get fresh fish, lobster, swedish delicatessens etc.

What is it?
It's one of the counters in the renovated Swedish food market in the centrum of Stockholm where they sell Tapas.

Why is it cool?
The reason why it's cool is because it's a counter selling tapas but right next to it, it has his own bar made of wood where you can  sit relax have your tapas and some wine which the other food counters didn't have.
But that's not all when sitting there it makes you feel like your in a really fancy bar, you totally forget that your just sitting in a food market. How they do this is by playing soft jazz music, serving good wines and the decoration and totally gives you an authentic vibe. That makes that this counter/bar in Hötorgshallen belongs to the third phase in the experience ''Authenticity''.
The reason why it has growth potential is because renting a space for your business is getting more expensive every time. So by renting a small space in a cheaper location but still using the right music, furniture and food you can still create a unique experience for not only the customers but also for the employees.

The most AMAZING concert ever!

Hej*! ^Hello in Swedish^ :P

As you might know I was in Sweden this weekend for the Swedish house mafia concert! and what can I say?
They Nailed it!
it was over the top! great music, fireworks, confetti's, smoke, fire! just awesome! :) The craziest part was that there were around 40.000 people at the Arena and me and my friend were lucky to have tickets in the front! :) and met new fun people at the concert :)
I think I've never danced this much before :)
It's so sad this is their last tour!
It was such a great concert that I'am even considering to go to the concert in Amsterdam! that just tells you how much I enjoyed it :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dille & Kamille

What is it?
It's an organic store were you can buy from books to soaps... candy or towels.

Why is it cool?
The reason why I believe this store is cool is because of the way it makes you feel when walking trough the store.
The racks in the store are all made of wood. everything is colour coordinated and it feels really old school but this modern.
People are looking now a days for cute little stores that might be hard to find in every city.

Fishy Fishy! follow me!

While going to the parking lot at the holland casino Breda, I saw the cutest thing on my way to a parking space!

What is it?
It's an aquarium it the shape of an arrow.

Why is it cool?
Walking to a parking lot is sometimes boring and even scary!
But walking to a parking lot with Fishy arrows? That's something totally different.
it not only gives you a feeling of comfort but it also looks impressive! It's really authentic just because they're using fishes instead of just a painted arrow.
The reason why this might have future potential is cause maybe from now on people would like to be entertained even when their leaving a place/city store etc...

Waiting for the train is now fun! Select your mood!

What is it?
It's a train station mood setter.

Why is it cool?
Most of the time is waiting at a train station boring! and feels like for ever before your train departs.
So for the people of the city of Breda this is different. for a couple of years already I've seen this electronic lights mood setter at the train station, the only thing you have to do is press the button that matches what your thinking about and the lights on the wall will turn into a colour that relates to the mood you selected.
It has future potential because it not only entertains you while waiting for your train, it also gives the train station a totally different feeling.

the Fairtrade city map!

Well guys.. this is my second coolhunt for the ''experience economy''

While visiting the store dille and kamille which is absolutely a gorgeous store I found this map at the counter.

 What is it?
It's a map of the city of breda that tells you were the fair trade/organic stores are.

Why is it cool?
The reason why it's cool is because people now a days are more conscious about their environment and want to shop environment friendly.
This map does not only tell you were these stores are but it also gives you a combination of stores that would be fun for visiting during your trip, like going to a environment friendly hair salon..or shopping at a vintage store... buying soaps that are animal friendly etc etc.
 The reason why this has future potential is cause people are being more conscious about their environment and how they shop and trying to support everything that has to do with living green.
So by creating this map, people will know all options that exist.