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Monday, July 30, 2012

And it's monday!

Hi there!
I hope u all had a great weekend :)
Yester I went to Rodizio grill Restaurant in Scheveningen.. And what can I say?
I'am really disappointed.
On their website you could
See great pictures, they tell you they have 15 different kind
Of meats and its all you can eat.
But while we were there they only served 3 to 5 different
Kind of meats and we had to pay extra if we wanted fried yuca
Or some other things as well.
Dessert was also not included and the service wasn't great at all, they didnt
Come to ask what you want to drink unless you call them.
They only good thing there was their caipirinha cocktails but that was it. :(
But anyways i just hope you had a great weekend =) and wishing you all a great week.
Here are some pictures of yesterday

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Helli dears! The weekend is almost over =( but there are still allot more fun things to do!
So Today we will be visiting this Brazillian Restaurant called Rodizio, we have heard so many great things about this place and i'am more then exited to see this place and eat of course :p
So i'll be posting pictures tomorrow =)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday post!

Hello there!
Yes it's friday! And its time
To do whay we do best! Enjoy the weekend, have awesome dinner and yummie cocktails! I live in eindhoven so I want to share with you some places i love to visit during weekends :) i love having sushi so my fav place in town is Soho they have all you can eat for €17,95 before 4pm or €22,95 after. They r fast and fresh :) the other place me and my boyfriend are visiting verry often is cocktailbar Mundial in my previous blog post i told you about cocktailbar Njoy in Amsterdam well let's say the prices are here verrrry student friendly =) 'yay'
Anywayz i wish you all a happy weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day at the ''''Beach''''

Maybe your asking yourself why the '''beach''?
Oh yes let me tell you :P As most of you know I was born on this island called Curacao.
There they have the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen white sand, crystal clear blue water etc etc yeah yeah...
For the last 3 day's it has been such nice weather in Holland so you have to grab the chance to work on your Tan of course! so we went to the ''beach'' all I saw was grey/brown 'sand' dark water and cold of course! :(
It was such a disappointment! I just can't wait to be on my island verryy sooonnnnn!! :D :D


Just sharing this funny picture i found in this book called famous faces :)

Oh hi there Mr.Grey!

Today I'll be writing about the new york times #1 Best seller! Fifty Shades of Grey!
And yes most of you ladies Out there I know this probably is one of the weirdest stories you have ever read in a book!
I just finished the first book out of tree and also bought the second one already :)
Well what can I say? The story is about this Girl who meets a multi millionaire guy Called Christian Grey, he's been described as a sexy man with copper blond hair nice smile and body that can intimidate woman with his looks like the man every woman wants to have.
But this mister is a pretty much a pain in the ass I should say, he always wants to have the power about everything, control everyone and also haves some weird erotic things going on.
So this Girl called Ana totally falls in love with this man and does whatever she can to get close to him.
anyways I should say it's a romantic/erotic book I would not recommend it to younger girls 13-16 Cause it will probably creep you out. but! After finishing the first book you will probably wonder what happens next and it will make you go out and buy the next book! LOL

Well I'am exited to finish the second book!
I'll keep you posted =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy birthday my Love

After not posting for a long time Inwanted to wish my lovely boyfriend a happy birthday! =) yesterday at 12' we went out for some cocktails and today we already had some
Lunch =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nikon Quick start Workshop

Hi There!
I know it has been such a long time since i've blogged but I have been sooo busy with family visiting etc.
Well, last sunday me and my best friend went to the Nikon Quick start Workshop.. the one you see on tv :-p  at the 'Dierenrijk Nuenen' It's a zoo near Eindhoven and it was a really nice experience.
First we had 1 hour presentation on how your camera works all the options you have, how to change the iso, light etc
after that we had a 2 hour practice of everything we have learned, here I want to share some pictures i took during this workshop.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I just can't gett enough!

Omg! Some of you have maybe already seen my post were i talk about Vapiano, well i think i might be addicted. The food is sooo good and such a yummie in my tummie Tiramisu anywayz i just love their pasta! And for this week Ive already been twice! Wich is crazy because I live from both of them hour and a half away!
Just wanted to share some pictures of today's vapiano tripp with my friend Roos.

Cute store in Rotterdam

Hi there!
I was visiting a friend today in Rotterdam and she's the kinda girl who loves wearing thinga other people don't have, that makes her unique or thing some people won't dare to wear, she took me to this store.. I guess it's called swagg fashion, what can i say ! It was really a nice store it was simple, they had nice furniture but was cozy as well and when i thought the prices are goong to be extremely high they actually surpriced me with affordable prices ofcourse not as cheap like h&m but for such a pretty store they were okay!
Here's a picture of a part of the store.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More books!

Hi there =) just got a new intresting book in the mail box and wanted to share with you all.
And yeaa! My 3th postcrossing card also came in today!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family G2G

Hi there! Just wanted to share some pictures of a family g2g! =)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ear Candy's

Hi Girls!
Today I wanna share with you my favorite Ear candy pieces of the moment =)
Hope you like them!


Hi Peeps,
I just got this book and it's called Brandwashed by M. Lindsreom, I'am going to be using this book for my study and it's about how companies are using us, manipulating us and convincing us to buy stuff!
I think this is going to be a really interesting book and will start reading it as soon as I'am done reading the third and final hunger games book!
So there will be a review about this one  pretty soon I hope! =)
I'll be posting

And the winner is: Solar Weekend 2012!

Hey There,
This year is Finally going to be the one for me to go to a Festival!
I've been living almost 4 years now in the netherlands and so far have never been to a festival.
Every year I tell myself this year I will go to 'Extrema outdoor' or 'Solar-weekend'
And then again it's almost a week before this great event and still didn't make a decision if I'am going or not!
So anyway, Yes! Here we are again! Upcoming saturday Is the Extrema outdoor 2012 And like most of us students in the netherlands living on a low-key budget I didn't really thought about buying my ticket on time so yea I think I might Skip that one AGAIN this year! :( BUT! There is still one coming up that really got me exited! The Solar-weekend Festival! It's going to be the 3,4 and 5th of august what captured my attention the most was that it's not only a Music festival but also a creative one! You'll be able to paint, will find creative pieces everywhere and even do some yoga! How cool is that?!!
I'am pretty much on time for buying my ticket, and it is around 10 euro's cheaper then Extrema's! and Already found someone to join me on this journey! =) so yeaa! see you there!

Swedish house mafia's last tour!

Hey There!
Well this might be something that I'am really looking forward to!
All you House music lovers probably already know that This year's november Swedish house mafia will give their last concerts! and all of the 3 dates in stockholm are sold out! But guess what! I got tickets thanks to my lovely cousin who lives there =)
And I'am soo exited to be there cause I really love their music!
Anywayzzz =) Just wanted to share one of their newest clips hope u like it as much as I do.

Facial Treatment ''Day at the Spa''

Hi Doll's

I just went to the Spa/Beauty salon for a facial for the first time =)
And it was really a nice experience, I went to Cayetano hair  beauty at the 'Winkel centrum Woensel' It's a Spanish beauty salon. The service was great they welcome you with a drink and some snack's after that they will guide you to the room were you will have your facial.
They start with a relaxing foot ''massage'' with some warm towels, They will let you pick a scent and right after that they will start cleaning your face with their cleanser + toner.
Then they will start the treatment you asked for actually i don't really know what they really used but it was nice and smelled nice =)
cleaning, removing all impurities and then a mask while having the mask on they will give you a massage ( You have to fill in a form with all information about your skin type, when having stress where do you feel it the most, shoulders, legs, back etc.)
anyways I think I'll go back cause they had a great service, the prices are not so student friendly but you get what you paid for and from this october students will get 20% off so I'am looking forward to that.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Ice age 4 Continental Drift

I recently watched Ice age 4 and i wanted to share with you what I think about the movie :)
I did really like it! It was such a funny movie and cute story but the only problem I have with these ice age movies are that when watching the new ones you always forget what the last one was about! (in my case anyway).
So i don't know if theres goung to be any other ice age movie coming soon but i really hope i still remember the 4th one oh and I also liked the soundtrack! =)
Just let me know what u think about the movie.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fall 2012 are you ready?

  1. Fall 2012 previewHello there Fashionista's =)
I guess most of us are extremely happy with the summer, cause then we get to wear cute bikini's, little shorts, nice sandals and bright colors.
But what about this upcoming season? have you start thinking about what your going to wear this year? I've seen that the wide pants are still going to be in, soft colors, black, gold, animal + floral prints

So I've been looking already to some of fall/winter'

 collections and I really liked dolce and gabbana's fall-winter 2012/2013
here's a little preview and my inspiration for this polyvore look.
hope u like it.


Well I'am so exited about this thing i found online =)
About 10 years ago maybe more allot of people really used to gett exited when recieving an email! =)
Well those days are over nowadays we getr spammed all the timeee! That all you want to do is just delete everything you still got on ur inbox, but then when really opening your mailbox at home the only post'cards' we recieve are the bills oh yea.. And those never make you happy :p
Anyways! So i found out about this great site were you can send and recieve postcards from all around the world! Its a nice way to learn about places you've never heard of or other cultures or simply collecting nice postcards :)
It's totally safe and only cost' a stamp =) i just recieved my second card! =) it's so much fun! I really recomend it if you still want to recieve the old good mail :)