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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hi Dears!
Ive been so extremely busy that I didn't have the chance to post anything this week!
Well my Mother, Sister in law are in the Netherlands visiting so we've been hanging out and of course i still have some school projects going on and just working of course =)
But wanted to show you some pictures of our trip Belgium, it was a really nice summer day we shopped a little and had some lunch/dinner =)
I'll be posting asap.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi guyz!
Well last monday i decided to drive to belgium sinds I was so bored!
Just to check out their Forever 21 flagship store! :)
Well it was big ofcourse but interiour just the same as in the us =)
I didnt reaalllyy go to see all the clothes but more for the jewelry sinds i'am a really big fan of their jewelry :
They have really good prices and you gett something good!
Not like other brands when you buy a 'gold' necklace it will turn silver after a week.
Anyway these are the goodies i got myself =)

Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY photo frame & pinboard turned into jewelry rack

Hi Dears!
So today i was being a little creative and decided to once again change my jewelry holder and put a mirror in a photo frame aswell!
I bought a 30x40 (cm) photo frame, some wire mesh and a pinboard :)
First step:
Make sure to mesure the wire and cut it so it that it will fit.
Step 2:
Insert the wire in the foto frame, you won't need the glass anymore.
Step 3:
You can just use white paper or any colour you like as background.
Make sure everythings placed right en then just put back the back part of the frame.
I also thought why not turn a pinboard into a necklace holder.
So i just putted some pins and hang the necklaces on them.
It's easy, simple and looks pretty!

(sorry about the messy pictures)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New week =)

Morning beauties!
How was your weekend?
I had a great family day yesterday with allot of food and good laughs :)
Just wanted to wish everyone a blessed week filled with great things =)
I'll be posting soon.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

All you need to know about the Caribbean Fashion and Lifestyle kinda life!

Good morning everyone, happy saturday! :)
Today I'am sharing with you guys this amazing website called My Fashion Lifestyle, www.myfashionlifestyle.com
Here you will find great articles about all the latest trends, hot spots, music, event's and more thats going on right now in the caribbean! =) how great is that :)
So please guy's don't forget to check it out !

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

My summer beauty must haves

My summer beauty must haves

My summer beauty must haves by puifong-wong featuring chanel makeup

Hi Dears!
TGIS Yes! Thank God it's Summer!!
Tonight I wanna share with you my summer beauty must haves for this year =)
I'll be Honest there are still some of the products that are on my wishlist! So i hope to get my hands on them soon =)
I'am talking about the Bronze goddess by estee lauder tanning oil and the shiseido spf 60, those are the ones that i still don't have but really want.
Then we have the Tan de Chanel 907 sable beige, the body shop bold and curvy waterproof mascara With this mascara you will be able to swim, seat etc and you won't get Panda eyes!, the body shop rain-forest shine shampoo in the mini package comes with 2 conditioners 2 shampoo's and a comb it's really handy for when your on the go especially in the summer month's after getting out of the pool... The hydramax + active fluid moisturizer It's really light and really good when your going to use a liquid foundation and the best products the body shop has this year : The beautifying body coconut oil + Coconut body mist and let's be honest Who doesn't like the smell of tropical coconuts on a hot summer day?
For the lips : Sisley lip balm after using this one just only 2 days I could see and feel the difference! No more cracked lips! =)
And the last item on my list are the essence nail polishes, they are cheap dry quickly and you have them in soooo many colors thats you will probably get them all =)

Happy Summer everyone and don't forget to let me know what your must haves are for this season.


Happy Weekend + Mini Haul Chanel

Hey there everyone! =)
So it's finalllyyy FRIDAY! =) oh I waited so long for this day to come LOL!
So Today was my pay day and I decided to spoil my self a little ^.^ and wanted to share with you guys what I got myself :) I'ts the summer 2012 Tan de Chanel in color 907 Sable beige :)
You can use it as a all over your face powder and gives a little glow or just as a bronzer by mixing all the colors together :) I'll soon post a review on this product :)
I hope you all have a great blessed weekend and i'll be posting soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The little black dress , 1 dress 4 ways to wear

The little black dress , 1 dress 4 ways to wear

The little black dress , 1 dress 4 ways to wear by puifong-wong 

Morning dolls! =)
Hope u all had a great night sleep :P
My topic of the day will be.. how to transform your little black dress into more outfits.
Some of us might not have all the money in the world to shop as much as we want or wished, so we have to work with what we still have in our closet :(
So I decided to create 4 looks with 1 dress (how cool is that) , don't worry about the brands cause the good news is that  they still have look a likes at cheaper stores like forever 21, h&m, zara, river island etc! =)
So i hope i might inspire you to take a look in your closet and start creating different outfits with what you still have... it's all about the mix and match!
Love xoxo

My Daily Beauty Routine

My Daily Beauty Routine

Hi Ladies! =)
So I decided to post my Daily (Day time) beauty Routine, As you can see its a really natural look.
For some of you some of the products might be a little bit too expensive but trust me some of them last longer then non expensive/ drug store brands.
First of all  I really like the Body Shop extra virgin minerals foundation because its really light, you don't feel like having a bunch on your face... For some of you it might not cover enough so you'll have to pick another type of mineral foundation.
The second product is the Clarins double fix mascara for brows and lashes... I don't use it on my brows anymore cause when it dries up it will leave a light white gellie color on your brows and it does look weird LOL =)
My Cousin recommended me this product, she swore by it and she can't live without it so she gave me one =) and sinds then I'am hooked!
I have an Asian background and that means straight lashes till the end! So when i use this one and then curl them up it will stay like that the entire day =)
When it comes to an eyelash curler I'm not picky an h&m one is more then i need.
I've also been using the Chanel inimitable intense black mascara now and so far it does what it says =) so thumbs up for this product.
As a Blush I'm also in love with the Chanel soleil de tan rose it's from last years summer collection but the colors are drop death gorgeous =)
I use the second color individually as a highlighter just on the top of my cheek bone and then mix all the colors together using my brush only on one side ( So if i need an individual color of the pallet the color's wound be mixed up together).
Before applying my lipstick, I use my Chanel hydramax active nutrition lip care to moisturize my lips before applying any color. .. (This product helped me during the winter when i had cracked lips!)
And as cherry on top I apply my Body shop colourglide Shine Pink flash =) It's such a nice pink =)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, as much as I enjoyed writing it =)
Love, P =)

My Daily Beauty Routine by puifong-wong 

The Body Shop foundation
$25 - thebodyshop-usa.com

Chanel mascara
£23 - debenhams.com

Clarins waterproof mascara
£17 - debenhams.com

The Body Shop lip makeup
$13 - thebodyshop-usa.com

H M eyelash curler
£2.99 - hm.com

Chanel lip treatment
£28 - debenhams.com

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest... What a great way to share ideas and interests.

Good Morning Dears!

Today I will be writing about Pinterest =)
Some of you might already know what it its but I'am pretty sure that some of you especially in the Netherlands still don't know what it is.
So this amazing website was launched in 2010, it's a Digital pinboard where you can share your interests, hobbies, what you like and love... Pretty much anything you want!
On pinterest, everybody is sharing their ideas and pictures of what inspires them and hell yeah they also have allot of DIY' pictures that might inspire you too aswell!
Its user friendly, you can upload your own pictures, create your own boards where you will probably spend allot of fun time creating them.
Two other great things about pinterest is that you can sign in with your social media acount (facebook/twitter) but there's also an smarthphone app (iphone/ipad.. I guess for other smartphones aswell). Just check it out! www.pinterest.com
Happy Pinning guyz!
Follow me at: http://pinterest.com/pindaily/
Love, P

Summer Lunch Date

Summer Lunch Date

Hey it's me again! =)I think i'am getting obsessed with polyvore LOL!So i created this look that I would love to wear on a sunny summer day it looks so fresh and casual just perfect for a lunch date with friends or boyfriend =)Hope you like it!

Summer Time

color Blocking funky style

color Blocking funky style

Hey There! =)So sinds a month now I've been trying to work with this Polyvore thing ! So today i created this look which for me might work really well in the summer months =) i chose not add earrings on this outfit cause we already have allot of statement accessories. ( I still need to figure out how to work with this thing). here (polyvore)You'll find all the latest fashion t tops/pants/acc. everything! you just type it in and its there or you can just upload it yourself =)It can be really fun and might also inspire you for your next shopping trip =)just check it out!www.polyvore.com

 xoxo. #P#

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Apple.. Or should I say New york new York? :)

Wow i dont even know how to start!
First of all.. Me and my boyfriend decided that it was time to start traveling more :) so what better then choosing New York?
Most of you always heard of how amazing this place is how fab. The clothes, food etc etc is!
So right now i will write what my experience was in the awesome extraordinary, one of world's most known city's ,New York! :O)
Where should I start??
It al starts with what do you think about this place, and the question... Will it meet your expectations??
We always see in movies that this city is filled with people rushing, yellow cabs, hugemongues buildings and allot of coffee shops/corners.
Well guess what! It's all true! :)
What can i say about the buildings? Some of them are really old, some reminds me of holland and some are just plain pretty.
Walking into all these stores.. People in this city are realllyy friendly compared to what I'am used to living in the netherlands.. Always smiling greeting even telling you there name (how crazy is that?) :) i almost felt i was in an episode of sex and the city! Lol
We also went to the famous Canal Street (china town) were you can really see all these chinese people selling fresh vegetables, fruits and fish for really good prices! :) after that we went to litlle italy for some nice lunch! It was on a top 10 suggested restaurants to go in New york :) and it did taste good! (Da Nico restaurant litlle Italy)
After that we took a walk to all the fancy boutiques in SOHO:) they were nice ofcourse! But the prices Gosh! They were really pricy :( we also took a look at the Kardashian' sisters store DASH, i cannot imagine myself paying $10 for a bottle of water or $4 for a small pencil just because it has there face on it! (crazy people).
But i can't lie everything was so new for me that just looking around without buying anything there wasn't so bad :o)!
This place is so full of life! It has allot of energy... People everywhere! It even feels safer then walking around in Amsterdam!
You also see crazy people doing weird stuuf on the streets, musicians, artist.. Everything!
Also the empire state building looks so unreal! Cause all my life i only saw it in movies or on tv.
So just being in that building gives you a really weird but happy feeling :)
But the place that really impressed me the most was Times Square! Yess!! :) this place for me was soooo amazing all the lights everywhere it could be so dark (3:00 am) but looks like i dont even know how to explain!! It was just fantasticly beautifull! All the stores there, restaurants, broadway..just blows my mind!
If this place isn't on your top 3 places to go, you should change your mind its really breath taking!
if it wasn't for my family living in Curacao i would go there everytime i gett the chance!
So back to my question... It exceeded my expectations and I will be going verry soon again! That's for sure!! =)