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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So yes Iám back!!
The new school year has started and just like any other girl that means new clothes too!!
Well im actually saving for a vacation and I told myself that i wont spend any money untill my next trip!
Guess I was wrong!!
I really wanted a new blazer sinds a pretty long time cause i was getting bored from the ones I have, so I went to the h&m just to take a look at the new stuff they have and I saw this boyfriend/oversized blazer that was smiling at me! :o) and i tried it on! It really looked so pretty!!! :o) and I started to tell myself oke put it back cause ur not going to spend any more money!! I couldn't put it back :( :(!! I was going to and then i start looking for how many they still got in my size Iám a 34 and most of the time those are the first sizes leaving the store!! So I couldnt resist the temptation so i bought it!!
So Im going to show you my new black blazer!

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