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Saturday, May 12, 2012

April ''Favorites''

Well about this post, I see allot of people posting their monthly favorites I think that if you have a favorite why won't it be your favorite for the next month?
but anyways :P
I'am going to tell you guys what products I've been using this month and if its a yay or nay :)

- Chanel Mousse confort & Lotion confort:
I' have been using this products sinds februari, at first i got a horrible rash and I don't know for sure if it was the skin care product or if it was something else, but anyways after using it for a couple of more weeks I saw that my face was getting a really healthy glow and had no pimples at all! :)
If you have a really sensitive skin like me you might somethimes have a litlle bit of trouble using the lotion comfort because it can sometimes give you a burning feeling, it's the same with the chanel hydramax + active, they also contain allot of perfume.
So what can i tell about this product?
If you using the mousse confort..it's highly priced but it will last you for a long time, for each time you use it you will only need to use a little bit of the size of a pea.
The tonic lotion, it will last you for about 3 months (It lasted me 3 months of daily use).
and the hydramax + active cream will last you about 4 and a half months :)

So if you are planning on buying these products ask the store for some samplers before buying them so you can figure out if they will work well on your skin.

Is it a yay or nay?
Well it's more about a love hate relationship with these chanel products.

- Estee Lauder: Advanced night repair eye:
What can I say about this product? Well this one works!! :)
After using it also sinds februari I noticed that on the nights I use it I will wake up the next morning with less puffy eyes =) So this one is definitely a yay! Hoeray! :)

And For What I told you on my previous review about the Tea tree oil, that one is so far the best product I've used this month!


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