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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Apple.. Or should I say New york new York? :)

Wow i dont even know how to start!
First of all.. Me and my boyfriend decided that it was time to start traveling more :) so what better then choosing New York?
Most of you always heard of how amazing this place is how fab. The clothes, food etc etc is!
So right now i will write what my experience was in the awesome extraordinary, one of world's most known city's ,New York! :O)
Where should I start??
It al starts with what do you think about this place, and the question... Will it meet your expectations??
We always see in movies that this city is filled with people rushing, yellow cabs, hugemongues buildings and allot of coffee shops/corners.
Well guess what! It's all true! :)
What can i say about the buildings? Some of them are really old, some reminds me of holland and some are just plain pretty.
Walking into all these stores.. People in this city are realllyy friendly compared to what I'am used to living in the netherlands.. Always smiling greeting even telling you there name (how crazy is that?) :) i almost felt i was in an episode of sex and the city! Lol
We also went to the famous Canal Street (china town) were you can really see all these chinese people selling fresh vegetables, fruits and fish for really good prices! :) after that we went to litlle italy for some nice lunch! It was on a top 10 suggested restaurants to go in New york :) and it did taste good! (Da Nico restaurant litlle Italy)
After that we took a walk to all the fancy boutiques in SOHO:) they were nice ofcourse! But the prices Gosh! They were really pricy :( we also took a look at the Kardashian' sisters store DASH, i cannot imagine myself paying $10 for a bottle of water or $4 for a small pencil just because it has there face on it! (crazy people).
But i can't lie everything was so new for me that just looking around without buying anything there wasn't so bad :o)!
This place is so full of life! It has allot of energy... People everywhere! It even feels safer then walking around in Amsterdam!
You also see crazy people doing weird stuuf on the streets, musicians, artist.. Everything!
Also the empire state building looks so unreal! Cause all my life i only saw it in movies or on tv.
So just being in that building gives you a really weird but happy feeling :)
But the place that really impressed me the most was Times Square! Yess!! :) this place for me was soooo amazing all the lights everywhere it could be so dark (3:00 am) but looks like i dont even know how to explain!! It was just fantasticly beautifull! All the stores there, restaurants, broadway..just blows my mind!
If this place isn't on your top 3 places to go, you should change your mind its really breath taking!
if it wasn't for my family living in Curacao i would go there everytime i gett the chance!
So back to my question... It exceeded my expectations and I will be going verry soon again! That's for sure!! =)