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Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY photo frame & pinboard turned into jewelry rack

Hi Dears!
So today i was being a little creative and decided to once again change my jewelry holder and put a mirror in a photo frame aswell!
I bought a 30x40 (cm) photo frame, some wire mesh and a pinboard :)
First step:
Make sure to mesure the wire and cut it so it that it will fit.
Step 2:
Insert the wire in the foto frame, you won't need the glass anymore.
Step 3:
You can just use white paper or any colour you like as background.
Make sure everythings placed right en then just put back the back part of the frame.
I also thought why not turn a pinboard into a necklace holder.
So i just putted some pins and hang the necklaces on them.
It's easy, simple and looks pretty!

(sorry about the messy pictures)

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