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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Daily Beauty Routine

My Daily Beauty Routine

Hi Ladies! =)
So I decided to post my Daily (Day time) beauty Routine, As you can see its a really natural look.
For some of you some of the products might be a little bit too expensive but trust me some of them last longer then non expensive/ drug store brands.
First of all  I really like the Body Shop extra virgin minerals foundation because its really light, you don't feel like having a bunch on your face... For some of you it might not cover enough so you'll have to pick another type of mineral foundation.
The second product is the Clarins double fix mascara for brows and lashes... I don't use it on my brows anymore cause when it dries up it will leave a light white gellie color on your brows and it does look weird LOL =)
My Cousin recommended me this product, she swore by it and she can't live without it so she gave me one =) and sinds then I'am hooked!
I have an Asian background and that means straight lashes till the end! So when i use this one and then curl them up it will stay like that the entire day =)
When it comes to an eyelash curler I'm not picky an h&m one is more then i need.
I've also been using the Chanel inimitable intense black mascara now and so far it does what it says =) so thumbs up for this product.
As a Blush I'm also in love with the Chanel soleil de tan rose it's from last years summer collection but the colors are drop death gorgeous =)
I use the second color individually as a highlighter just on the top of my cheek bone and then mix all the colors together using my brush only on one side ( So if i need an individual color of the pallet the color's wound be mixed up together).
Before applying my lipstick, I use my Chanel hydramax active nutrition lip care to moisturize my lips before applying any color. .. (This product helped me during the winter when i had cracked lips!)
And as cherry on top I apply my Body shop colourglide Shine Pink flash =) It's such a nice pink =)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, as much as I enjoyed writing it =)
Love, P =)

My Daily Beauty Routine by puifong-wong 

The Body Shop foundation
$25 - thebodyshop-usa.com

Chanel mascara
£23 - debenhams.com

Clarins waterproof mascara
£17 - debenhams.com

The Body Shop lip makeup
$13 - thebodyshop-usa.com

H M eyelash curler
£2.99 - hm.com

Chanel lip treatment
£28 - debenhams.com

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