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Saturday, July 7, 2012

And the winner is: Solar Weekend 2012!

Hey There,
This year is Finally going to be the one for me to go to a Festival!
I've been living almost 4 years now in the netherlands and so far have never been to a festival.
Every year I tell myself this year I will go to 'Extrema outdoor' or 'Solar-weekend'
And then again it's almost a week before this great event and still didn't make a decision if I'am going or not!
So anyway, Yes! Here we are again! Upcoming saturday Is the Extrema outdoor 2012 And like most of us students in the netherlands living on a low-key budget I didn't really thought about buying my ticket on time so yea I think I might Skip that one AGAIN this year! :( BUT! There is still one coming up that really got me exited! The Solar-weekend Festival! It's going to be the 3,4 and 5th of august what captured my attention the most was that it's not only a Music festival but also a creative one! You'll be able to paint, will find creative pieces everywhere and even do some yoga! How cool is that?!!
I'am pretty much on time for buying my ticket, and it is around 10 euro's cheaper then Extrema's! and Already found someone to join me on this journey! =) so yeaa! see you there!

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