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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Facial Treatment ''Day at the Spa''

Hi Doll's

I just went to the Spa/Beauty salon for a facial for the first time =)
And it was really a nice experience, I went to Cayetano hair  beauty at the 'Winkel centrum Woensel' It's a Spanish beauty salon. The service was great they welcome you with a drink and some snack's after that they will guide you to the room were you will have your facial.
They start with a relaxing foot ''massage'' with some warm towels, They will let you pick a scent and right after that they will start cleaning your face with their cleanser + toner.
Then they will start the treatment you asked for actually i don't really know what they really used but it was nice and smelled nice =)
cleaning, removing all impurities and then a mask while having the mask on they will give you a massage ( You have to fill in a form with all information about your skin type, when having stress where do you feel it the most, shoulders, legs, back etc.)
anyways I think I'll go back cause they had a great service, the prices are not so student friendly but you get what you paid for and from this october students will get 20% off so I'am looking forward to that.


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