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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh hi there Mr.Grey!

Today I'll be writing about the new york times #1 Best seller! Fifty Shades of Grey!
And yes most of you ladies Out there I know this probably is one of the weirdest stories you have ever read in a book!
I just finished the first book out of tree and also bought the second one already :)
Well what can I say? The story is about this Girl who meets a multi millionaire guy Called Christian Grey, he's been described as a sexy man with copper blond hair nice smile and body that can intimidate woman with his looks like the man every woman wants to have.
But this mister is a pretty much a pain in the ass I should say, he always wants to have the power about everything, control everyone and also haves some weird erotic things going on.
So this Girl called Ana totally falls in love with this man and does whatever she can to get close to him.
anyways I should say it's a romantic/erotic book I would not recommend it to younger girls 13-16 Cause it will probably creep you out. but! After finishing the first book you will probably wonder what happens next and it will make you go out and buy the next book! LOL

Well I'am exited to finish the second book!
I'll keep you posted =)


  1. Pufiiii I have bought it also but haven't finished the book yet. I must say its addicting though! hahaha you feel like you're actually doing something bad when you read it, like cheating!:-p! Nice blog page! x

    1. hahah Yes! it's like a guilty pleasure LOL But it keeps you wanting more..I wonder how Grey looks like hahah
      Thanks =)