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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well I'am so exited about this thing i found online =)
About 10 years ago maybe more allot of people really used to gett exited when recieving an email! =)
Well those days are over nowadays we getr spammed all the timeee! That all you want to do is just delete everything you still got on ur inbox, but then when really opening your mailbox at home the only post'cards' we recieve are the bills oh yea.. And those never make you happy :p
Anyways! So i found out about this great site were you can send and recieve postcards from all around the world! Its a nice way to learn about places you've never heard of or other cultures or simply collecting nice postcards :)
It's totally safe and only cost' a stamp =) i just recieved my second card! =) it's so much fun! I really recomend it if you still want to recieve the old good mail :)

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