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Saturday, September 1, 2012

What an eventful week

Well I haven't had these kinda busy weeks in a long long time!
But I had fun and met allot of new people :D
on my previous post, you saw pictures of the first day of the lifestyle week, were we created a small clothing line inspired by the gay parade (Yes, it sounds crazy).
but we did not only have a catwalkshow, we also had the topic human movement on the same day the activities were so much fun, we did some zumba, team related competitions etc
these are some pictures of this day's event:

You already know day 1, so I think it's time to tell you something more about the other days :D
The second day's theme's were Living and Leisure, we saw a video that unfortunately I can't find right now on youtube were we could see some products/ideas by phillips we might possibly see in the future.
this day's challenge was to create and show people what and how you think the library will be in about 30 years.
We had a really futuristic concept, were everything would be automatically somewhere you can meet with other people and talk about your interest.
were technology plays a big role, in the library of the future all books would be digital were you will find allot of iPads and or e-readers.
for this task we created a mood board, we brained stormed a little by using sticky notes and magazines.
We wrote down everything that comes up to our minds we we think about this library, by that I mean smell, look, furniture, green energy, solar light etc.
here's a picture of our mood-board.

Right after that we went Coolhunting in the city! :D
And I don't think it's necessarily to explain what this is again, cause I hope you did see my previous post.
we did this for a couple of hours and then went back to school were we talked about bloggin.
So I might be not great in bloggin, but that's what's so great about this course!
Cause I'am going to take bloggin to the next level! :D Hurraay!

Day 3!
On this day we had a fun carrousel morning, we we did allot of healthy related activities.
We had a massage/relaxing mini workshop, a meditation workshop, think outside the box mini workshop...this was one of the craziest ones we created music with just two spoons it didn't sound that great when we were doing it but when the teacher did it was really cool actually.

we did a small stress test, and somehow I'am an average stressed person Lol.

after a small break, we all gathered at this park called Tivoli park in Tilburg but one way or the other my school didn't fix everything the way it was supposed to be cause that park was closed and they were renewing it.
So with a group of 15 to 20 girls we went picnicking in front of someones house, that might look and sound weird but it is what we did.
we had sandwiches and milk it wasn't the best lunch I had but it was something even though I expected a little bit more.
here are some pictures of our picnic.

And before this day came to an end, we gathered ones more to finally find out who's going to be in class together.
I finally met all my classmates, and we learned each others names etc.
after that we all had a drink together so we could socialise a bit more.
here's a picture of my new class.

And here we have day 4!
We had a festival, were I expected way much more and ended up really disappointed.
The music wasn't that great, there wasn't allot of students the only thing that I can say was good was the food.
we had some coins and with these coins we could get drinks and food.
here are some pictures of day 4.


and then we have the last day that for some personal reason I couldn't be there.
so there are no pictures of this day.

Well this was such an eventful week!
Met allot of new people, had some fun and now I'am ready to get started!

Hope I entertained you while you were reading my post.


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