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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Designhuis Eindhoven

Hi everyone!
I'm really exited to tell you that I'am officially going to be a guide at the Designhuis Eindhoven :D
I went this afternoon to meet Marloes van Bennekom a young lady that just finished her degree at the Design academy in Eindhoven and she's the one who can tell you everything about this place who works there etc..
she gave me a quick guide about the exhibition that's going on right now there called ; De etende mens, which means ''the eating man'' its about the way people think about food, where it comes from and the art that's in the food's design/appearance.

I had so much fun! and really impressive. There were allot of things that really made me realise that sometimes we don't think much about where our food comes from, the processes it goes into or why does or food looks the way it looks.
There were nice art pieces but also really educational. for example the question ; how many water do we eat? yes eat. By this we don't realise sometimes that everything we consume has water in it or has been processed by water or maybe the machines they use are being cooled by water etc.
That was one of the may things that made me think a little bit more of what we eat.
Another impressive thing were some carton plates on the wall, at first I said wow this looks pretty but after hearing the story behind it then I thought ow this is sad. lol
mrs.Julie Green who lives in the state of Oklahoma, the state with the most executions per capita.
became fascinated by the last meal request of condemned prisoners.
mrs.Green who opposes the death penalty hopes her work will start discussions and is planned to add every year 50 more plates to the collection until capital punishment is abolished. there are 500 plates right now.

And so there were many other food/fascinating objects/art/material that was really interesting to see.
But the one that I did like the most was this colourful piece of art.
called Honey & Bunny, it's about the western food culture that has changed. It's not about the food itself anymore but more about lifestyle and nourishment. each year they launch about 10.000 different products on the market (food related) and never ask ourselves why do we need this many products to choose of.
With this piece of art that actually looks delicious they will show you that sometimes we don't really choose what's health but what looks delicious or pretty on our plates.

I think I could keep on going and going with my story about this incredible place I'am going to be a part of.
so for the ones who live in the netherlands I recommend you to make a visit soon :D

here are some pictures.

by squeezing and smelling, it will remind you of food, then your allowed to write it down on the wall.

mine reminded me of Italian herbs.

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