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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pin what interest you!

hi :)
Well for my longtime followers, you probably already know about my pinterest post but for school as I told you already we will be coolhunting. (So this is homework)

What is it?
Pinterest is a digital pinning board that launched in 2010.

Why is it cool?
I believe that now a days, everyone is pretty much busy with their own lives and don't have the time anymore to use the old school pin-boards anymore where you just cut out pictures from magazines and pin it.
Nowadays everyone is connected to the social media and the great part is that you can sign in with your  facebook or twitter account.
So this is more than perfect to share all your favourite art, fashion, favourite interior designs,  videos, pretty much everything!
And ofcourse now you have your pin-board on the go! you can use it on your laptop, ipad/tablet and smartphone.

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