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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review on The Body Shop's BB cream

What does BB cream stand for?

BB creams are items that are mainly sold in Asia and it stands for Blemish balm or Blemish base.
Over the last couple of month's we're seeing that more brands are coming up with these creams, like Maybeline, Garnier, Dior, Mac, Clinique etc.. but the one I'am going to review today is The body shop's BB cream (2).
I got my hands on this cream about 2 weeks now, and to be honest I'am not using it everyday not because i dont like it but more because I'am running late for school and don't have that much time anymore to touch up that much :P
 But let's start, when putting the cream on it make my face feel a little bit oily at first but it takes around 1 to 3 minutes before it soaks in well.
I don't see that much of a big difference when using it compared to the mineral foundation (body shop)
where I do see a difference is around my nose where I have some redness.
After wearing this for the entire day I feel like my face is weighting 5kg on just dirt.
If I had to give this product a overall score, that will be a 6.
I'am not quite happy as I thought I would be. Somehow I expected more of this bb cream.
I will keep using it, but it's not a product i will re-buy in the future.

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