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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Squats on the Toilet?

Hey There, I just saw this Video on a friends Facebook page, I had to share it!
So this is the reason why everyone should have a Squatty Potty Toilet stool! even the name sounds cute haha!

What is it?
It's a stool you can use with your toilet.

Why is it cool?
This Potty toilet stool is the new cool way to sit on your toilet.
There is some research going on that proves that when you sit with your legs on 35degree angle that it will improve your health.
It might look crazy or sound even weirder when you hear the whole story but it's not only cool, its also amazing how we have been using the toilet ''wrong''.

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  1. Haha, what a cool video :) This actually does sound helpful!

    I'm now following you :) Maybe we can follow eachother?