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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trends or Hype?

Good morning dears,

Yesterday's class was about Trends.

What is a trend?
A trend can be defined as a direction in which something tends to move andwhich has a consequential impact on the culture, society, or business sectortrough which it moves.

''Martin Raymon. (oktober 2009), trend forecaster handbook.''

But allot of people believe this term is only used in fashion.
When talking about trends we can divide them in three different periods, Long-term trends, mid-term or short-term trends :)

When talking about long-terms we mean, things that sometimes can't be stopped like ageing.
When thinking about mid-terms we can ask ourselves the question 'What do we want to achieve?'
like for example beauty, health, happiness, simplicity etc..
Short-term trends can be for example product that are just getting started in the market for example... vitamin juices.
Anyways so for now I hope you know a little bit more about the definition of trends then you did before :)

In the meantime there's allot of people who also get the word hype and trend mixed up.
but what's the difference between a hype and trend?
That's simple, so now that you know that we can divide trends in tree different periods of time (long-mid-short) you might know as well that a hype is some kind of trend that won't last forever.

So now that you know what trends are, I wanna share some beauty + Fashion short-term trends I found on this months Vogue issue (Netherlands).

1) The Darker The better :)

Red + Deep red.

2) Dark/Darker.

By this Vogue means, Black Blue or Purple.

Chanel 2012/2013 Fall/Winter.

3) 50 shades of green (LOL)
Ellie Saab


 4) Metallics/Gold

Metallics will also be in this up coming season. Check this Paco Rabanne dress out:

Well I Really Hope you know now something more about trends just like I do :)

will be posting soon :)

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