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Monday, September 17, 2012

Volunteering at Designhuis Eindhoven

Well a couple of months ago I sended Designhuis Eindhoven an email in which I asked if they needed any volunteers on any of there projects.
It has been 3 months later, that I didn't hear anything back from them!
Premsela, the Dutch institute of design and fashion is the one who's working with designhuis which means house of design in dutch.
So I decided to give Premsela a call and asked what happened?
And they told me that they never got the email cause I send it to designhuis and not directly to them. (By then ofcourse I didn't know that).
Anyways enough with the bad news and let's go right away to the good one.
They told me to once again send them an email with my information :D just after a couple of minutes I recieved an email where they told me that I'am allowed to receive a guided tour next week where they'll tell me everything and the possibilities of becoming a volunteer at Designhuis.
I'am exited, stay tuned for pictures!


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