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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lana del Rey for H&M

Hi Fashion Dolls :o)

Well of course I won't have to tell you that h&m has a campaign going on with Lana del Rey, this week they came with the second.. hmm how should I call it..
round 2 of their campaign?
Anywayz! this time I reallyyy loved some of the pieces she's wearing! :D
the edginess, the oversized sweaters with leather pant..yea love it!
one of the pieces that caught my eye's the most was the sweater with little zippers on the side on leather leggings it was so pretty that I decided to order it yay :P
the second item that I also thought hmm sure why not was a little faux fur vest... I have never had something with faux fur yet cause in my mind it just doesn't fit my personality or imagine how it looks and make me just shake my head and say.. nahhh... lol
but I decided to give it a try aswel and see what happened if it does fit!
and of course if you don't like it you have the 14days return policy that come handy sometimes.
So I'll have to wait 4 day's before it gets here and I'am exited! and yes not to mention that using the h&m codes is always a pleasure lol who doesn't love extra discount!
so instead of paying 35euro's I'll only have to pay 22euro's for 2 items!

love it or hate it?
Lemme know!

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