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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The days are getting colder! What about your skin?

Hey Beauty's

For most of us the day's are getting colder and shorter :(
And as much as we take care of our skin, we can still notice that it's getting drier too!
That means..more moisture please! :D
So I decided to change my current facial cream to one that gives me more moisture and nourishes my skin :)
I'am talking about Chanel's hydramax+ Active for Dry Skin.
Even though my skin is not really dry at the moment, but it's always nice to start taking care of my skin before its start cracking up and feel really dry!
If you've read my blog before you've probably saw that I also use the chanel lip balm.. I actually don't really see the difference by using this one or a cheaper one.
When using this cream you'll only need a little bit, when purchasing this product you get a mini spatula to use, they told me this is to prevent adding bacteria to your face cream.
So I'll be trying this product out, normally a 50g chanel cream last me around 4 months so I'll see if this is the case this time.


  1. Love your blog, this seems like a good investment since you can use only tiny bit :)
    I already tried their foundation and I was quite satisfied!

  2. really great product!! my skin gets so dry during these months too
    check out my blog: