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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Food guerrilla! Let's fight for the good food

What is it?
It's an organisation that fights for global healthy and sustainable foods.

Why is it cool?
Well I'am going to tell you why one the activities they do can be seen as cool.
Every other month they organise the Damn Food Waste, what they do is create a meal/dinner of foods that were supposed to be thrown away but were still good.
People can come together and still enjoy a nice meal prepared of the vegetables and other foods.
The reason why this is cool and has future potential is because we never think of the food that are being thrown away or never ask our selfs why all the vegetables in the supermarket look the same.
By doing this type of events we get to see more of whats going on in our daily supermarkets and think more conscious of the food we waste.

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