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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

transparency in cosmetics

What is it?
Proefdiervrij is an organisation that works on having a future without having to test on animals for not only cosmetically reasons but also medicinal. They try to save animals from being used as testers for nanotechnology projects.

Why is this cool?
We cannot describe this exactly for being cool but it really fits the trend transparency. Now a days were more connected, have more information of whats going on around us buts also want to know exactly how products are being made and what the steps are during production.
By wanting all this information we realise that some products don't fit  our morals and want to do something about it. By wanting this information we are forcing companies to share a little bit more information of how they create products but also how they test them.
Thanks to proefdiervrij and many other organisations we now have animal tested free products in Europe, and this all thanks to comunities and people longing for transparency.
The reason this might have future grow potential is because we as humans are getting more interested in whats going on around us, and this is just one example of what people longing for transparency can make a change in the daily products we use.

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