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Friday, May 18, 2012


Hey Dolls! So as you noticed today's post is called TGIF! And what do we do on fridays?? Start thinking about fun things to do :) not only today but for the entire weekend! =) Well I'am going to be honest not all of my weekends are so fully planned with fun activities! But some things are always in my weekend planner, like cleaning the house :), watching atleast 2 movies and then start thinking what i can do with the money i still have.. As a student it can sometimes be difficult to travel around by train (it can beso expensive!!!) But anyways I'am not going to complaint about the student lifestyle cause it aint that bad =) (thank God) All i wanted to share with you guyz on this friday are 2 verry great places to sit down have a meal or just some coctails :) I think most of you already know Vapiano! =) yumm yumm For €10,- you can have a delicious plate of fresh made pasta and a drink! There is one in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. (if there is another one let me know :p) If i had to give them a rating it would probably be a 7.5 or 8, not for the taste but more for the huge lines beforing placing your order :( The other place i wanted to tell you guyz about is this coctail lounge bar in Amsterdam called Njoy :) I will be honest! Its not cheap at all and sure if you want to have 3 coctails or more, but what i like about this place is that its not big its really cozy and has something luxurious going on. Here there website, you should check this place out somethime :) http://njoycocktails.com/ Thats all i wanted to say today =) enjoy this beautiful night and ill be posting soon :) Xoxo P

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  1. I will come and visit you soon dushi and then we can go eat delicious pasta at Vapiano's ! I enjoy reading your blogs <3 Have a nice weekend!!