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Monday, July 30, 2012

And it's monday!

Hi there!
I hope u all had a great weekend :)
Yester I went to Rodizio grill Restaurant in Scheveningen.. And what can I say?
I'am really disappointed.
On their website you could
See great pictures, they tell you they have 15 different kind
Of meats and its all you can eat.
But while we were there they only served 3 to 5 different
Kind of meats and we had to pay extra if we wanted fried yuca
Or some other things as well.
Dessert was also not included and the service wasn't great at all, they didnt
Come to ask what you want to drink unless you call them.
They only good thing there was their caipirinha cocktails but that was it. :(
But anyways i just hope you had a great weekend =) and wishing you all a great week.
Here are some pictures of yesterday

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