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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anna Dello Russo!

Hi Beauty's !
Many of you know who Anna Dello Russo is but for the ones who don't know this, Anna is known for being one of worlds most inspiring Fashionista's  (Street-style fashion bloggers love her) but also for being vogue and Italy's Fashion director and editor in chief.
Most of the time you can spot Anna with ready to wear designer clothing and always with a different pair of shoes.
For her shoes are the most important thing ''You can go walk around naked as long you're wearing the right shoes''
I personally love her style, she's such an inspiration! I'am a student do of course I don't have as much money as she does :P and If I did I would probably be walking around with these statement pieces!

But enough with that!
on oktober 4th! Anna will be launching her accessories line for h&m!
Here you will find shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewelry and luggage (Which I'am totally in love with and if the price is right I'll def. get it!)

Here are some of the pieces that will be available on the h&m online store and participating h&m stores.

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