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Saturday, September 15, 2012


I was walking last night in Eindhoven with my boyfriend when we entered a street that normally we never get into.
That was when I discovered this Vintage clothing store called Doortje. I decided to take a look and walk around but then I found out that that's not the only thing I discovered! surprisingly enough I found also this great restaurant that had this cozy feeling, great smells and allot of people having wine and dinner, if you don't live in the Netherlands you probably don't know this but there is this law that you're not allowed to smoke in bars/restaurants. So what did this great place create? A glass cabin in the restaurant with an exhaust hood, with a small table and art work in the middle where you can still have a smoke :) (btw this is great for the winter!)
But that's not the only great thing about this place! at this restaurant you only get fresh food! there's no menu card, they prepare the foods by what the chef bought for that day! also everything you see in the restaurant, like paintings and fabrics are for sale.
The way they serve Wine is also really unique, you can just tap your own wine by using this great glass locker with a tap. Each tap was connected to a different type of wine.
This entire area was not only filled with vintage stores and a restaurant but also where you are able to buy art or custom made furniture for you home.
The reason why I believe this deserves to be a coolhunt is because this place was really inspirational and different from all the other stores in the city everything was under one roof, dining, shopping, art and it's never the same. When I personally go to the city I walk around but soon enough I get tired of walking the same streets and looking at the same (brand) stores all the time.

here you can get more information about this cool place(s):

digital art work on the walls.

Fabrics that you can buy while having lunch/dinner.

Buying art for you home after dinner?

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