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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog post by my best friend :)

Hey There,
For school we had to let someone write something about us so I asked my best friend Dagmar
To write something for me, she will be telling you a little bit more about me.

So… Who is Puifong anyways??
Over the past few years Puifong (or Pufi as her friends may call her) has developed a great fashion sense. She picks up the new trend of a season flawlessly. Even before you realize there is one. But that’s just fashion…
In life Pufi really knows what she stands for. Sure, from time to time she struggles with finding her way like everybody else, but when she has made up her mind she goes for it! Like with writing this blog of hers, at least once a week you can await a new blogpost no matter how sunny the weather is. In her blog and in real life as well you may not always like what she has to tell you though… Pufi is not shy at all when it comes to enlighten the world with her points of view. But that is exactly what I like about her. Her integrity makes her a real standout!
Dagmar Koek, best friend

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