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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Good morning =)

Today I will be writing about the company called Vlisco.
The first time I heard of this company was about two years ago, that's when my boyfriend started working there at the Vlisco group academy. after hearing everything about them I started liking their fabrics and leather bags which are actually pretty much expensive.
So some of you have maybe heard of it, but some of you don't.
Vlisco is a company that has been designing and producing gorgeous colourful fabrics since 1846.
These fabrics are specially designed for the West African and central african culture.
They don't only design fabrics, but they also have bags, shoes and accessories.
I was told by my boyfriend about Vlisco's collaboration with adidas and comme des garçons so I had to check it out, the great thing about this company is that they are getting bigger and bigger and if I can forecast something that will be that soon enough they will be a big fashion label in this industry.
Here are the pictures :)

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