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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2 days of creativity

Hey there! :D
Last Monday was the start of two long intense days, me and my classmates stayed at a farm for two days. All we did was being creative or pushing our creativity to its limits.
We learned some new techniques on how to use our creativity but also how to develop a concept. We went for a walk in the woods, that was actually really refreshing :D taking in some fresh air and just walking/talking/dancing and having fun.
It was really intense! we had lunch then we kept on going...
to end the night we had dinner and after that we started our own party! played games and went marshmallow roasting on my mini bbq :D
Everyone was really tired so we actually went to bed at already 12'o clock.
Sleeping didn't go well that was obvious! I guess no one sleeps well in an not so comfy cold bed!
On the next morning we started the day with a walk, after that we started again working on our creativity.
Everyone was tired, and the teacher was irritating for the most of us. but that didn't mean we didn't work hard!
After a couple more hours..it was finally time to go home! I couldn't be happier!
I was so tired but learned allot too..and of course being with the girls is always fun.
Take a look at the pictures.

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