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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on a mission!

Hey guys,
December is almost around the corner and that makes me very happy!
It means that I'll be home for christmas :) and with home I mean Curacao!

As much as I love going home for the holidays, it also means going to the beach ALLOT!
and who want's to go to the beach with a chubby body? I guess no one! but most of the time we just go to the gym when the summer is heading and then we forget that some people need their beach body at the end of the year too! not to mention that going home also means allot of parties, food food and once more food!
some of you that follow me on instagram (pfewong) might know that I used to go to the gym allot...around 4 to 5 times a week, but sinds last summer I didn't really go anymore and now I'am not even going.
I know it shouldn't be an excuse but school's got me going crazy, waking up in the morning, ctaching the train and then again to go home you just get home so exhausted that you just don't feel like working out.
So I decided to order myself a egg's white diet shake it's supposed to last for a month, well I guess by this weekend my diet will start :) I'll try to eat healthier and eat at home most of the time cause you might know as well that I love dining out!
I've heard some people telling me..you what? diet? you don't need it.. I think this is more psychological... everyone wants to look skinny at the beach..or is it just me? LOL
anyways this is the product I got..

well ofcourse I'll try as well to work out.. but we'll see :D
have you ever tried one of these diets?
let me know!

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