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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Give me a hearth attack burger!

Oh yeah after reading this, I'am not sure if you still feel like having a burger anytime soon!

I was studying today ''subject health'', when I came across the name of this grill in Las Vegas.
Heart attack grill!
The name saids it all!
The burgers this place is selling are beyond normal! and a big f** you to people who want to live and eat healthy.
So why is this place so bizarre? just check the names of the burgers...
Single bypass burger, double, triple and quadruple bypass burger! the Quadruple bypass consist of 9982 calories! That's way beyond what a human being needs for a day!
That's not the only crazy thing there! When dinning there you will be served by the staff that were nurse costumes. want to have a drink? yes of course , but don't even think about ordering a diet coke cause they just DON'T have!
need a smoke? Oh yeah sure, just order a package of cigarets. 
Anywayz, I don't really believe this a healthy place to have dinner but sure a experience!
I wonder how fat the owner is..lol

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