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Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's your fav. Cereal?

Just like the title saids, what's your favourite cereal?
Well for me, there's nothing better than Lucky Charms!
Deliciously colourful and crunchy with some cold milk yum.. perfect breakfast + lunch LOL.
I remember when I was little, I used to save the best for last..and by best you know what I mean! Marshmallowwsss!! :D :D
I sometimes squeezed all the marshmallows together and make one big mallow ball xD
crazy old times!
But living in the netherlands ain't making it easy for me to get my hands on this delicious cereal! u can get it if your lucky at the chinese supermarkets or american food stores, and of course the price will be 5 times higher then when you buy it in the states.
I remember buying a package last time for $1,25 in Jersey and couple of months later i bought one in eindhoven for 5 euro's! crazy shit!
but whatevs, If I could eat something everyday I guess it would be lucky charms :D
Oh not to mention that if I see a box of corn pops there's no way I'am taking that one too xD

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