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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Online Shopping?

Hi there :)

Well most of us know by now that online shopping is getting more popular during the years.
People have less time to go to the city or are getting lazier, or just want to do something else during a day off instead of going to the city to shop for clothes.
Sometimes we shop on online stores like h&m, Zara, ebay and for the people in holland Marktplaats.
But what about the sizes?
Sometimes I place bids on clothes because there new and they have a lower price then in the store but when going to the store to try on the piece you realise that you bid on the wrong size!
I had this awkward moment when someone putted a piece in hold for me, and then I had to mail her to tell her that the size i putted my bet on was the wrong size... she got mad of course but somehow it's not my fault, it was actually smart to try on a piece of the same brand to see which size you really are.
So to avoid this kinda situations I decided to save this size chart on my laptop so that their will be no confusions the next time :D

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