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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Until Now

Hey Guyz,
As if I wrote a couple months ago, Swedish house mafia is having their last tour this yea before they split ways for their solo careers.
2 days ago was the release of their last album, Until Now :) which I'am downloading now :)
I don't know if I can call myself a fan but I do like their music! :)
So the 23th of november I'am flying to Stockholm for the concert! yay exited!
I didn't know their were going to have concerts too in the Netherlands so that's why I'am going to Sweden... but I'am looking at the bright side too I will be visiting family as well so it won't be bad and of course I ill be able to say when I get back that I really saw them on concert and not on youtube concerts LOL.
Anyways, Did you download the album yet? i so..what do u think?

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