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Sunday, October 7, 2012



What is it?
The Vilamat is just like a Yoga mat but different, it has little rubbery points that you can link to acupuncture.

Why is it cool?
This mat does not only looks modern but its also good for your health, you can choose between 3 different gorgeous colors royal- baby blue or silver.
When looking at this mat the first thing that comes to your mind is this looks like a massage mat.
The good thing about it is that i twill not only give you some sort of massag but it will also give you a refreshed and reborn feeling.
It is a new kind of Acupuncture.
Alot of people especially the ones involed with sports really recomend this vila mat, they say it helped them increase back pain but they also say you feel energized after using it.
Maybe your asking yourself also why This name?
Well the name Vila is used for rest and relaxation in swedish.
I personally believe this is an incredible  product not only for people involved with sports but also for people who are always busy and have little time to si tand relax.
The colors are vibrant and the result are fantastic (if I have to believe all the reviews ofcourse), so what I can say is that maybe I should look up for one.

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