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Monday, October 1, 2012

Collect Select Reflect

While doing some research online on ways to connect people or share information I came across a fantastic app that will help you save important webpages, pictures etc.
So this is my coolhunt.

What is it?
Clipboard is a digital board that you can use to share important webpages, pictures etc and an easy way to share it.

Why it cool?
Most of us have sometimes issues when we save a webpage or picture and somehow when we need it we cannot find it.
Here is when this amazing easy to use app comes in.
You can compare it a little bit with pinterest, but here you can not only share images/pictures of things you like.
By using clipboard you will be updated by great deals online, breath taking and inspiring images, interesting videos etc etc.
Another fabulous thing that comes handy with this app is that you can share it with your friends on social media and you can make access of your profile wherever you are anytime as long as you have internet. But who doesn't have internet these days?

Check it out!

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