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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where's the yummie food?

Alright peeps! another cool find in this crazy world of apps!

What is it?
Foodspotting is an app that you can use to spot tasty looking dishes.

Why is it cool?
Have you ever search online for restaurant reviews near you?
Well I guess I'am not the only one!
By using this unique app it will not give you a rating about the food they serve but instead you will be able to rate it your self by looking at the dish' picture! How awesome is that?
If your using this app your also allowed to tell people a little bit more about the dish itself.
Well what can I say?
This looks really wonderful to me not only cause instead of believing the ratings now you can see it yourself!
It will give you the feeling that your let's say in a bakery store and picking your own delicious cupcakes!
I believe this app has future potential, cause you won't be looking for reviews near you anymore but instead you will be looking at the pictures and decide for yourself if it looks yummie or not.

Don't forget to check the video out!

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