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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Easy A!

Alternate Reality

While sitting in the bus in the city of Breda, i saw this big A!
The one we see on google maps... so I started to wonder like why there would be an A like the one on google right there in Breda.
I didn't really focus so much to know the reason why, but I just know that it's located at the same spot where google indicated the ''centrum'' of this city.

What is it?
It's a big A, just like the one we see on google maps, just that this one took a mini vacation and came to visit us in the real world.

Why is it cool?
This big A is cool because it actually belongs in the google website but now we can see it and touch it for real.
This also belongs to the E.E phase 4, Alternate reality. This is when we create an alternate view of the real world by using reality as a digital playground.
I don't really see a growth potential in this particular piece, but we might be seeing more known signs from the digital world in reality to remember us that they exist or as a part of their marketing campaigns.

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