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Sunday, November 25, 2012

your hot and your cold...

Well I was visiting a friend in Amsterdam when I noticed her water tap has coloured lights!
and of course i totally got interested to know what it was.

What is it?
It's a water filter that lightens up in two different colours.
Red for when the water is hot or blue for when it's cold.

Why is it cool?
This product is cool because by using this we are experiencing the product itself.
This makes that this product belongs to the E.E phase 2 ''Experience in the product''
When having this product at home it not only makes using the water tab fun, but also tells you if your using hot or cold water. for example i sometimes do the dishes with cold water and then use the hot one for a minute and forget that i just turned on the hot water.
but if you have this it will tell you exactly what temperature of water your using so you won't need to burn your hands anymore.
The reason why I believe this has growth potential is because having handy accessories like this in your kitchen might make doing the dishes a little bit more fun and colourful.

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