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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Experience Economy.

Hey There,
This school period I've been doing some coolhunting and found some pretty interesting stores/objects that belongs to the experience economy.
By experience economy I mean.. what people want/need and the way they experience everything.
Allot of company's have a part in this, they can create an experience, this creates a position in the market and by doing this they can compete with others.

''Orchestrate memorable events and memory itself becomes the product

I was in Sweden this weekend and went to the city.. we wanted to eat something typical swedish so we went to Hötorgshallen it's a swedish food market in stockholm centrum. It looked like and old school food market where you can get fresh fish, lobster, swedish delicatessens etc.

What is it?
It's one of the counters in the renovated Swedish food market in the centrum of Stockholm where they sell Tapas.

Why is it cool?
The reason why it's cool is because it's a counter selling tapas but right next to it, it has his own bar made of wood where you can  sit relax have your tapas and some wine which the other food counters didn't have.
But that's not all when sitting there it makes you feel like your in a really fancy bar, you totally forget that your just sitting in a food market. How they do this is by playing soft jazz music, serving good wines and the decoration and totally gives you an authentic vibe. That makes that this counter/bar in Hötorgshallen belongs to the third phase in the experience ''Authenticity''.
The reason why it has growth potential is because renting a space for your business is getting more expensive every time. So by renting a small space in a cheaper location but still using the right music, furniture and food you can still create a unique experience for not only the customers but also for the employees.

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