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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Speed dating with your Tapas.

Another cool hunt in the city of Stockholm.

After walking for a while I started feeling really hungry and wanted to have a quick lunch somewhere.
So we entered Mood stockholm to find something to eat.

What is it?
It's a tapas bar where you can have a quick lunch and keep on going with your shopping spree.

Why is it cool?
The reason why I think it's cool is cause most of the time when you want to have a quick lunch you think of places like mac donalds, burger king etc etc.
Places where you sit and in less then 30 minutes your out already and thats one of the reasons why the decoration and furniture might not be the prettiest one and that's also why the title is called fast and furious tapas.... You order, sit have some tasty tapas and leave in less then 30 minutes.
At this Tapas bar you take your place in the queue, place your order and then find a place to sit..just like in every food court in international shopping malls.
The difference between this one and others was the setting and decoration.
Everything was made of wood and the prices of everything was written on chalkboard.
This is the reason why this restaurant also belongs to the Experience Economy phase 3, authenticity.
This might have future growth potential cause people are looking for exclusive places to lunch and are getting bored of the same old food courts in shopping malls.

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